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How to start a cassava chips plant?

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Cassava roots could be processed into lots of products, such as cassava flour, cassava starch, cassava chips and garri etc. Each product has a huge market in most of Africa counties. 
In Nigeria, many small farmers would like to start a cassava chips plant and process cassava into cassava chips. Dry cassava chips are easy to be stored. It’s easy to start a cassava chips plant, there are several steps during the cassava chips production.
cassava chips plant machine
Cassava chips plant machine
1. Cassava washing and peeling process
Our cassava peeling machine could process large capacity of cassava roots and well cleaning. This cassava peeling machine is with stable operation and easy maintenance etc. Also the peeling rate can reach to 95%-98% according to the adjustment system.
2. Cassava chipping process
The following part is chipping. The following is the main parameters of peeler and chipper machine. 
cassava chips plant
Cassva chips plant machine parameter
3. Cassava drying part in cassava chips plant
Drying system has two types of machines. one is single heater and the other one is double heater. we usually suggest our customers to use the double ones. The capacity and drying effect will be much better according to our customers feedback. Also you need consider depending on your budgets.
cassava chips plant
Cassava drying machine parameter
cassava chips plant
Cassava chips drying machine

The final cassava chips can be ued for making cassava flour,animal feed,or sell it to business man.We can provide you the different capacity of cassava chips machine, and our engineer team could provide you the program of cassava chips plant.

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