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How to make garri in garri processing factory ?

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Garri is a kind of dry, crispy, creamy-white products made from cassava, which is widely consumed in Africa. It is estimated that 70% of the cassava in Nigeria is processed into garri. As a result, garri is the most commonly traded cassava product. Normally the produced dry granular garri can be stored for more than six month.

how to make garriProcess of making garri

But how to make garri from cassava tubers in garri processing factory? The garri production porcess is as below:

1. Cleaning and washing section

Cleaning and washing cassava is first step of how to make garri. The impurities attached on cassava is removed to ensure the quality of garri.

2. Cassava washing and peeling section

In garri processing factory, peeling and washing process is done by mechanical cassava peeling machine. A high efficient cassava peeler can peel off most of peels of cassava and make the grating easier.

how to make garriCassava peeling machine

3. Cassava grating section

Then using a cassava grater to grate peeled cassava to obtain uniformly smooth pulp. The smoothness of the pulp determines the quality, yield and market value of the finished garri.

how to make garriCassava grater

4. Fermenting section

Then put grated cassava pulp into clean sacks and tie them. Then put them in a fermenting trough for 2 ~ 4 days. Here we need to ensure all the sacks do no contact with soil or dirts that may contaminate the cassava mash. The fermentation time varies from country to country. But generally the fermentation should not be less than 2 days.

5. Pressing for dewatering garri

Then put the fermented mash in sacks into a hydraulic press, pressing it to remove as much water as possible. Pressing is completed when water is no longer dripping from the sacks.

how to make garriHydraulic press

6.Cake breaking and frying section

To ensure the fineness of produced garri, a hammer mill is needed in garri processing factory for breaking dewatered garri cakes. Then use an automatic garri fryer to dry wet garri. To ensure garri not be contaminated, a garri fryer is normally made of stainless steel and with firewood or gas as the heat source.

how to make garriGarri fryer

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