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How to produce garri from garri processing equipment?

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Garri is a carbohydrate based food consumed in many West African countries, Nigeria and Igboland in particular. Processed from Cassava , Garri in its raw form is creamy-white or light-yellowish flour with a slightly fermented flavor.

To produce garri from cassava tubers by garri processing equipment , cassava tubers are peeled, washed and grated or crushed to produce a mash. The mash  is packed into the sacks . It is then placed in the adjustable hydraulic press machine to remove excess starchy water. When the cassava has become dry enough, it is ready for the next step. It is then sieved and fried in a garri frying machine with or without palm oil. The resulting dry granular garri can be stored for long periods.

garri processing equipment

Garri processing line machine

The process of producing garri from cassava  as below, and the garri processing equipment also be introduced:

1.Peeling and washing cassava  by garri processing equipment :

Peeling and washing the cassava is first step of process cassava into garri .  Peeling and washing process can be made by hand or by mechanical cassava peeling and washing machine .

garri processing equipment

Cassava peeling machine

2.Grating cassava by garri processing equipment

Grate peeled cassava roots properly in clean  grater to obtain uniformly smooth mash. The smoothness of the mash determines the quality, yield and market value of the finished garri.


Put cassava mash into a clean sack and tie. Allow to stand in a fermenting trough for 2~4 days. Arrange sacks in such a way that there is no contact with sand or dirts that can contaminate the mash. Allow free sipping of water from the sacks.There are variations in fermentation period within and among countries. However, fermentation should not be less than 2 days (to allow development of the characteristic sour taste of garri).

4.Pressing for dewatering by garri processing equipment

The fermented mash in sacks is pressed to remove as much moisture as possible by hydraulic press machine . Pressing is completed when water is no longer dripping from the sacks. If dewatering is not complete, there  would be lumps during toasting which reduces quality and yield of gari. The pressing time depends on  the efficiency of the press and moisture content of the mash. Sacks should not be used for too long to prevent bursting during pressing.

garri processing equipment

Garri dewatering press machine

5.Cake breaking by garri processing equipment

Cake breaking is done using clean hands followed by sifting with non-rusting sifter into clean basin. Sifter made of stainless steel material is preferable.

garri processing equipment

Garri fryer

6.Garri frying by garri processing equipment

Grri frying can be done by hand or by mechanically using an automated garri fryer or other improved garri fryer made of stainless steel material and with firewood or gas as the heat source.

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