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How much is cassava processing machine

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About the question how much is cassava processing machine, you need to know that the cassava processing machine price mainly decided by the cassava processing capacity and the cassava production products(starch, flour, garri) type and quality.

It's obviously that the cassava starch processing machine cost is very different from the cassava flour and garri processing machine. One set cassava processing machine price is different with the complete set of cassava processing machine. By the way, different material used for cassava processing machine manufacturer also an important factor to influencing the price.

cassava processing machine in China

Cassaava processing machine manufacturing

So before you asked how much is cassava processing machine, you need to confirm which kind of products you want to get from cassava, starch, flour or garri, their production solution is various, so their is a big price different.

Use the cassava starch processing machine for an example:

Simple small cassava starch processing machine, its main process section just include the cassava cleaning, crushing, starch slurry sieving, desanding section, etc., further process is complete by manual operations. The required machine structure is relatively simple, the floor space is small, and the processing yield is small. The finished cassava starch product will contain a certain amount of impurities, so the cassava starch processing machine cost is relatively low.

cassava starch production machine in China

Main cassava starch processing machine

Stanard cassava starch processing machine, its operation is high automatic, its a complete set of machines from cassava transport and cleaning to the final starch drying, sieving and packing. Except the cleaning, crushing, sieving, desanding part, also equipped with the hydrocyclone unit to concentration and refining the starch slurry, peeler centrifuge for cassava starch milk dewatering, and the flash dryer for drying, also include the cassava starch sieving machine and the packing machine. Starch finished product fully removes impurities, good whitness and delicate, the appearance is better, then according to your capacity requests, the complete set of cassava starch processing machine cost generally ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

cassava peeler

DOING cassava peeling machine

For another, the cassava flour processing machine price and garri processing machine price also differert in different requests, after all, the factors influencing the price is various. So when you select the cassava processing machine, shouldn't just pay attention to the price, but should pay more attention to the ability of machinery manufacturers, cassava processing machine quality, processing capacity, total water and electricity consumption and professional after-sales support system services and other key points, and Doing Company will be your good choice as a cassava processing machine manufacturer and supplier.

cassava processing plant in Nigeria

Cassava processing plant

Cassava processing has been get more and more attention in cassava planting area, as one of the world's three major potatoes, cassava is a good starch production raw material, cassava flour and garri production also a good production project. People's consumption is getting higher and higher, the establishment of a cassava processing plant has become an industrial investment project with high return on investment and wide benefits.

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