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Types of cassava processing machine

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Cassava can be processed into flour, garri, chips, also a good material for starch extraction, so the types of cassava processing machine is diverse. Cassava processing machine has different types, for example, cassava starch processing machine, cassava flour processing machine, cassava chips processing machine and garri processing machine. The four kinds of cassava processing machines are totally different. Now the following part will explain the types of cassava processing machine one by one.

cassava cleaning equipment

Cassava cleaning and delievry machine

1.Cassava starch processing machine is mainly used to produce cassava starch. Cassava starch can be used in food industry, paper making industry and chemical industry. Cassava starch processing line mainly includes such steps as cassava cleaning and washing, cassava cutting, cassava crushing, starch and residue separation, starch washing and concentration, starch dewatering, starch drying, starch sieving and packing. And different step will be done by different types of cassava processing machine. And these machine all are designed by Doing company combined with advanced technology.

cassava milling machine

Cassava crushing machine

2.While cassava flour processing machine is different from cassava starch processing machine. However, many people think cassava flour processing machine is same as cassava starch processing machine, and the both can be processed by a same processing line. Cassava flour contains the following steps: cassava washing and cleaning, cassava peeling, cassava crushing, cassava flour dewatering, cassava flour drying, cassava flour flour sieving and packing. You can see from these steps. The washing and cleaning section are same, but the following steps are different. The sieving machine for both are also different. And the types of cassava processing machine are also different.

cassava chipps processing machine

Cassava chips processing machine

3.Cassava chips processing machine mainly includes cassava cleaning and peeling machine. Cassava chips cutting machine and cassava chips drying machine. After peeling and cutting, cassava chips will be dried by drying machine. The processing is much simpler compared to the both processing machine above. And dry cassava chips can be used for feed and food industry, also can storage for a long time, so this types of cassava processing machine also with widely application. Besides, most people will use cassava chips to make cassava flour. Dry cassava chips will be ground into a kind of flour. But cassava flour processed in this way can not compared with the cassava flour which are extracted from fresh cassava.

garri fryer

Garri fryer

4.Garri  processing processing machine is used to produce garri. Garri is a kind main food in some tropical countries. Especially in African countries, and garri has a large demand in the country. The processing line also includes different sections and different types of cassava processing machine. Garri processing line mainly includes cassava washing and cleaning, cassava peeling, cassava crushing, cassava mush dewatering, garri frying. The processing line is similar to cassava flour processing line.

These are four types of cassava processing machine. If you want to process cassava, you can buy these machines from Doing company in China. Doing not only has best quality cassava processing machine, but also has the most professional team and satisfying after-sale service.

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