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How to process cassava into chips ?

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Nigeria is one of the world main producer and so is likely to benifit great from the cassava.The cassava chips are already dried in Nigeria and exported to other countries .It is an important source of foreign exchange for the country.

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How to process cassava into chips ?

In fact, for process cassava into chips, there are two choices: high quality white cassava chips processing and simple cassava chips processing. The finished cassava chips from simple way usually brown, have a high content of fiber, sand and foreign matter as well as hydrocyanic acid, suitable used for animal feed. In this condition, for how to process cassava into chips, just one machine can mtt the requests, because of DOING company can offer you the cassava peeling and chipping all-in-one machine, its processing is firstly sifter and clean the cassava to remove impurities then send clean cassava to the slicer to get cassava chips.

cassava chips making machineWhite cassava chips

Below will introduce the white cassava chips production process, its a complete production line of how to process cassava into chips:

1. Cassava cleaning and washing: Adopt dry sieve+paddle washer for cassava cleaning and washing which can fully clean cassava to meet high quality cassava processing requests, Doing Company dry sieve and paddle washer also popular in the cassava starch and flour production plant, also the best cassava cleaning and washing method.

2. Cassava peeling: Doing Company cassava peeling machine is fully automation, high peeling rate, improve your cassava processing speed for how to process cassava into chips.

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3. Cassava chipping: DOING cassava chipping machine will cut cassava into thickness 0.8-3cm chips. The cassava chips making machine made by Doing Company has high efficiency, easy operation and stable performance, most suitable for you to start your processing business of how to process cassava into chips. The cutting angle can be customized, and the chips thickness, cutting speed can be adjusted according to your requests.

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4. Cassava chips drying: DOING cassava chips belt dryer is a continuous drying equipment for batch production. It is suitable for drying chips, strip and granular materials with good air permeability, it has a fast drying speed, high evaporation strength and good product quality, low temperature drying guarantees produced cassava chips high quality. The drying machine will be a good choice for you of your demand for how to process cassava into chips. For another, you also can drying the cassava chips by air-cure, but mechanical drying method can guarantee the cassava chips quality good, clean and white, also a fast drying speed. After drying, the cassava chips can be send to packing.

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