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How to make fufu flour by fufu flour machine?

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Cassava fufu is a staple food in many African countries. Particularly in Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Sierra Leone and the list goes on. Maybe you clearly know the manual way of making fufu flour. But do you know how to make fufu flour by fufu flour machine? Now let me introduce the mechanical way of making fufu flour.

fufu flour making machineFufu flour making machine

How to make fufu flour by fufu flour machine?

1. Feeder : feeding cassava tuber to conveyor.

2. Cassava tuber washing: washing fresh cassava tuber.

3. Cassava tuber peeling: remove the first and second layer of cassava tuber.

Cassava peeler machineCassava peeling for making fufu flour

4. Soaking the peeled tuber: Soak peeled cassava in water. Make sure it is fully covered in water. Change water daily. After about 4-5 days remove cassava, it should be soft. During soaking, softens the roots, and helps to reduce potentially toxic cyanogenic compounds. When the cassava tubers are sufficiently soft, the roots are taken out, broken by cassava cutting machine.

5. Cutting the peeled cassava tuber: Cutting the peeled cassava tuber into small pieces.

6. Tuber fermentation: If you have a larger scale fufu flour processing, you need use a stainless steel tanks for fermentation. It would undoubtedly add flavor to this starchy root.

7. Crushing fermentation tuber: using the grinder or rapser mill for crushing the tuber.

cassava crushing machine Cassava crushing machine

8. Pumping and dewatering: pumping the mash to dewater machine for dewatering. The dewating operation is completed by using plate filter for removing water of fufu flour.

9. Flash dryer : The flash dryer can dry the fufu flour. And the input moisture is 38-40% and the output moisture of fufu flour is about 12-13%.

10. Vibration sieve: separating the fiber and flour.

11. Fufu flour packing machine : Packing the fufu flour for sale.

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