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How to make cassava fufu flour?

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cassava fufu flour making

Cassava peeling for making cassava fufu flour

Cassava fufu flour is a fermented wet-paste made from cassava then sieving , drying and milling to make . It is ranked next to garri as an indigenous food of most Nigerians in the south.

Cassava fufu flour making first setp is made by steeping whole or cut peeled cassava roots in water to ferment for  three days, depending on ambient temperature. During steeping, fermentation decreases the pH, softens the roots, and helps to reduce potentially toxic cyanogenic compounds. When sufficiently soft, the roots are taken out, broken by hand or machine, and sieved to remove the fibers.

At present, processors sieve manually by adding water to the retted mass on nylon or cloth screens. The fiber produced as a by-product is sold for animal feed, either in its wet form or after sun-drying. The sieved mass is allowed to sediment in a large container for about 24 hours. After sedimentation, the water is poured off while the fine, clean sediment (mainly starch) is dewatered using a high power press machine. The cake is then sifted before drying.

cassava fufu flour making

Drying machine for making cassava fufu flour making

Apart from being easy to prepare the consumable form, dried cassava  fufu flour has the advantages of having a longer shelf life,being more convinient to store, and less bulky. When cooked, cassva fufu flour is a creamy/white smooth textured product. When properly packaged and stored, dried cassava fufu flour has a shelf-life of six months or more.

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