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How to make cassava chips for export ?

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For your requests of how to make cassava chips for export, Doing Company can offer two cassava chips making method: fine processing and rough processing. The refined cassava chips is white, clean, high quality, no peels, can be used to further produce cassava flour and starch or used in food processing plants, as well as in the manufacture of alcohol and citric acid. Rough processed cassava chips are usually brown and have a high content of fiber, sand and foreign matter as well as hydrocyanic acid, suitable for animal feed and have a long shelf life. About how to make cassava chips for export, firstly, you need to confirm your target market demand.

cassava chips making machineCassava chips

Cassava chips are a common method of processing cassava. Many cassava production country make cassava cassava chips for export. In order to produce high quality cassava chips, cassava roots must be sliced ​​and dried as soon as possible after harvest. Compared to fresh cassava, cassava chips are drier and have a longer shelf life, while cassava chips have lower processing investment compared to starch and cassava flour processing. The processed cassava chips are irregular in shape and vary in size but not more than 5 cm in length so that they can be stored in silos for easy packaging and shipping.

cassava slicerDOING cassava peeling and chipping all in one machine

How to make cassava chips for export ?

If the requirements for the finished cassava chips are not high, a simple chipping and ​​peeling all-in-one machine can meet your requirements. The drum type cassava sifter can filter out impurities such as sediment and then directly send it to the slicer for cutting into thickness 0.8-3cm chips. DOING cassava chips making machine has high efficiency, easy operation and stable performance, most suitable for you to start your processing business of how to make cassava chips for export. The cutting angle can be customized, and the chips thickness and cutting speed can be adjusted according to your requests. If you have any special requirements, please let us know. (please click cassava chips processing to see the machine working process video)

cassava chips making machineDOING cassava chips making machine

For another, in order to produce high quality white cassava chips for export, a complete production line is required. The white cassava chips production process are: cassava cleaning and washing, peeling, slicing, drying and packaging.

It is worth mentioning that the drying of cassava chips is very important for the processing of high quality cassava chips of how to make cassava chips for export. In many places, the cassava chips are still dried by sun. However, if you are making cassava chips for export, it is best to use mechanical drying. The dried cassava chips thus obtained have good quality, high whiteness, uniform and sufficient drying, improve the cassava chips making speed.

DOING DW series belt dryer is a continuous drying equipment for batch production. It is suitable for drying chips, strip and granular materials with good air permeability. The drying machine will be a good choice for you of your demand for how to make cassava chips for export. The dryer has a fast drying speed, high evaporation strength and good product quality.

cassava chips dryerCassava chips dryer from Doing Company

How to distinguish high quality cassava chips?

Mainly distinguish from the appearance and smell:

1. See if the whiteness is enough, whether there is moldy blackening, better drying process can get whiter cassava chips.

2, Is a chip or block, chips drying is relatively uniform, low water content, the blocky interior is easy to contain more water, resulting in storage difficult, generally good shape, and the lower moisture.

cassava peeling machine in ChinaDOING cassava peeling machine

3. See if there are many impurities such as sand, mud, and skin. The less the impurities, the better quality of cassava chips.

4. Whether the starch content is high, this can be calculated by measurement, of course, the higher the starch content, the better cassava chips.

About how to make cassava chips for export, in fact, this still depending on the needs of your target market, also influenced by your investment, but high quality cassava chips for export is more suitable, because its quantity demand is higher, more widely used in industrial production, also can get higher economic benefit, after all, brown low quality cassava chips are very cheap.

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