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What's the features of cassava peeler?

Date:Jul 29, 2016/ FAQ/ Chat online

cassava peeler

Cassava peeler

Purpose and function of cassava peeler:

Industrial stainless steel brush, cleaning and/or peeling machine for potatoes and cassava/tapioca tubers.

The cassava peeler is fitted with suitable stainless steel brush types, depending on the product to be processed. A horizontally placed screw facilitates movement of the product through the machine. The resting time of the product in the machine and the brush result can be adjusted with a frequency converter. The innovative Dry Peel Remover with Zic-Zac technique (see ZZ Dry Peel Remover) can also be used as an alternative for the U Brush.

Advantages  of cassava peeler:

1.Adjustable washing/brushing result

2. Multiple applications and crops can be used

3. Robust design

4. Simple to operate and very maintenance friendly

Important specifications of cassava peeler:

Capacity    2 - 10 tons p/h

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