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What's the features of cassava peeler?

FAQ/ Chat online/ Leave a message/ Aug 17, 2019

Cassava peeler is a machine used for peel off the outer peels of cassava, it is widely used in cassava flour processing and garri processing. Doing Company is professional cassava processing machine manufacturer, our cassava peeler is designed and manufactured based on introduction of European advanced technology and combined with the experience of our engineers. Compared with other cassava peeler machine, it has the following features.

cassava peelerCassava peeler

1. Simple to operate and easy to maintain.

2. A horizontally placed screw facilitates movement of the product through the machine.

3. The cassava peeler is fitted with suitable stainless steel brush types, which can effectively prevent peeled cassava from being polluted.

4. The resting time of raw material in the cassava peeler and the brush result can be adjusted with a frequency converter.

5. Robust design and long service life.

6. Multiple applications, it can be widely applicable to potato, sweet potato, carrot, cassava, yams and other root vegetables peeling.

7. Large capacity, processing capacity ranges from 2-10 t/h, greatly improved cassava peeling efficiency.

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