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What does cassava processing plant to do?

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The cassava processing plant is a product for the initial processing and deep processing of cassava. The initial processing of cassava includes cassava starch, cassava flour, garri and the like.

The cassava processing plant also includes deep processing products of cassava, including further processing of cassava starch into modified starch, syrup, ethanol, etc., or processing of cassava starch and cassava flour into various foods.

Cassava products are now in great demand in many areas. Here, Ding Company mainly introduces the initial cassava processing plant, namely the cassava starch processing plant, the cassava flour processing plant, and the garri processing plant.

cassava processing plantFresh cassava in cassava processing plant

-Cassava starch processing plant: cassava starch is a powder obtained by dehydration and drying of cassava after starch extraction. It is white color, no odor and wide application. The processing method is:

1. Cleaning: remove the impurities(sand, stone, leaf, etc.) from cassava by cleaning and washing process.

2. Crushing: crushing cassava into a slurry to free the starch.

3. Slurry separation: seperate the fibers out from starch slurry.

4. Concentration and refinery: remove fat, protein to get clean starch milk.

5. Dehydration: remove excess water for drying(after dehydration, starch moisture under 38%)

6. Drying: make the starch moisture under 18%, meet the standard.

cassava starch processing plantCassava starch processing plant overview

-Cassava flour processing plant: cassava flour is powdery granules obtained by peeled cassava crushing and drying. Industrial processing methods are:

1. Cassava cleaning: fully cleaning the cassava, and remove part of the outer peels of cassava

2. Crush: crush cassava to get a liquid

3. Desanding: remove impurities(small stone, sand, residue) from the cassava flour liquid

4. Press dewater: press the cassava flour liquid to remove the excess moisture

5. Drying: get a suitable cassava flour products moisture.

cassava peeling and washing machineCassava cleaning and peeling

-Garri processing plant: garri is dry, crispy, milky white and granulated, mainly white garri and yellow garri, which is the staple food of many people. Processing methods:

1. Cassava cleaning and peeling: fully cleaning and peeling the cassava

2. Crush: crush the peeled cassava to get cassava mash

3. Fermentatiom: put the cassava mash into the sealed bags to make the cassava fermentation

4. Hydraulic press dewater: press the cassava mash bags to press the water out

5. Frying: frying the cassava mash evenly to produce the final garri products.

If you want to get a yellow garri, just add palm oil during the frying process.

garri fryerGarri fryer from Doing factory

In these three forms of cassava processing plant, DOING can provide a full range of processing machines and technical support. For the establishment of the cassava processing plant, as long as the plan is made and the right location is chosen, the profit is very large, and the capital recovery is very fast. After all, the demand for cassava products in the cassava planting area and other parts of the world now is very large, but large-scale cassava processing plant are still rare.

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