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  • <b>Frequently Asked Questions about Garri Processing Plant</b>

    A:Provide a complete set of garri processing plant project solutions.Answer customer's questions about garri processing equipment price,process,configuration, installation and after sales....

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  • What's the difference between three-column centrifuge and garri presser?

    Q:What's the difference between three-column centrifuge and garri presser?

    A:During the dewater machine to make garri,we need a garri presser.Cassava mash after fermentation need garri presser to dewatering...

  • How to make garri from cassava ?

    Q:How to make garri from cassava ?

    A:Garri is one of many different kinds of food products that can be produced from fresh cassava roots. It is made from cassava roots that have been crushed into a mash,fermented and sieved into small pieces....

  • How to make garri at home?

    Q:How to make garri at home?

    A:Garri is a the main food in Nigeria and many western African countries, which is mainly made by cassava peeling, grating, dewatering and frying. Different places has different tools for garri making, but the garri making process is basically the same....

  • What is cassava or yuca?

    Q:What is cassava or yuca?

    A:Cassava is a long tuberous starchy root about two inches around and eight inches long.Cassava and yuca is same thing,cassava and yuca is the main food crop in Africa,mainly plant in Africa,South East Asia....

  • What is garri?

    Q:What is garri?

    A:Garri is made by fermenting and roasting cassava root,is one of the staple foods in West African.Garri also named as gari,garry,tapioca,garium sulphate,farofa,mainly divided into white garri and yellow garri...

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