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What's the method of processing cassava to garri?

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Garri (also known as gari, garry, or gali) is a popular West African food made from cassava tubers. The method of processing of cassava to garri involves cleaning & conveying, washing & peeling, grating, dewatering and frying. To get high quality garri for sale, you also need sieving and packaging steps.

method of processing of cassava to garriMethod of processing of cassava to garri

What's the method of processing of cassava to garri?

Step 1: Cassava cleaning, conveying part

Firstly convey harvested cassava into hopper. Then clean cassava without water, mainly to remove the dirt and sand on the cassava. Cleaning is the base to ensure the quality of final garri.

processing of cassava to garriCassava conveying and cleaning

Step 2: Washing & peeling part

To further wash off  soil, dirt, etc on cassava. Then peel off the outer two layers peels on cassava with a cassava peeler. DOING cassava peeling machine can remove around 94% of the peels of cassava, which factures with stable running, easy maintennace and high effeciency.

processing of cassava to garriCassava peeling machine

Step 3: Grating & fermentation part

To grate cassava into mash. Then pack the grated cassava into sacks to fermentate two or three days. 

Step 4: Dewatering part

Then using a hydraulic press to press fermentated garri, squeeze as much as water possiple to reduce the moisture content. After pressing, the moisture content is around 40% which can be fried easily.

processing of cassava to garriHydraulic press

Step 5: Frying part

Garri frying is necessary for processing of cassava to garri. A garri fryer can automatically stir garri and ensure the even heating of garri, so the produced garri has uniform moisture content. When the color of the fried garri changes from white to cream, frying step is finished. DOING garri fryer is made of stainless steel which can provent garri from being polluted.

processing of cassava to garriGarri fryer

Step 6: Sieving & packaging part

To get higher quality garri, we need to adopt a garri sieving machine to get large particles garri out to ensure the fineness of produced garri. Then packaging the garri by automatic packaging machine for marketing.

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