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What determines the quality of tapioca flour?

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Tapioca flour also called cassava flour, can be used in baking and daily life. Because wheat flour has a high price, African people usually process tapioca flour to replace wheat flour. High-quality tapioca flour will have a broad market and higher profits. So what determines the quality of tapioca flour?

tapioca flour cassava flourTapioca/cassava  flour

Henan Jinrui Food Company can provide some guidance according to experience. Here are four aspects that need to note:

1. Processing method

In local many people use dry tapioca chips grate to flour. The flour quality and purity can not be promised. Henan Jinrui Food Company process tapioca flour by fresh tapioca tubers with tapioca flour processing machine. Then after cleaning, processing, and drying to get high quality tapioca flour. Mechanized production can reduce tapioca materials' storage time in the air to ensure flour purity. Moreover, we design desander after grating to separate fine sand, which can get high quality flour.

dry tapioca flour processing methodDry tapioca flour processing mathod

2. Machine materials

Tapioca flour processing machines generally have two materials, carbon steel, and stainless steel. The carbon steel material is easy to oxidize and rust and will pollute the tapioca flour, and the service life is short. Henan Jinrui Food company adopts food-grade stainless steel materials to process tapioca flour to ensure food safety and flour quality. And stainless steel will not change the original flavor of tapioca flour.

3. Fineness

In tapioca flour processing, high quality flour needs high fineness. When you touch tapioca flour, it should be lubricous. To achieve this, Henan Jinrui matches 2stage grating machines to grate tapioca tubers thoroughly. Then after drying, there is a fine mill machine and vibration sieve machine to separate big particles and get finer flour.

cassava rasper to ensure tapioca flour finenessTapioca rasper to ensure tapioca flour fineness

4. Moisture

For high quality tapioca flour, moisture is important. Proper moisture and humidity maintenance keep tapioca flour in a stable storage state. Our flash drying machine adopts a negative pressure design, outside pressure is higher than inner to ensure no leaking phenomenon. Normally finally tapioca flour moisture will be around 14% after drying.

In summary, high-quality tapioca flour is determined by many aspects. You can solve this problem by purchasing a high-quality tapioca flour processing machine. If you have any questions or ideas to venture into the tapioca flour processing business, you can send us a message freely.

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