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Cassava industrial uses

Industry news/ Chat online/ Leave a message/ Dec 16, 2019

Cassava itself can be used as industrial raw material, and it can also be processed to garri, cassava flour, cassava chips and cassava starch and take them as industrial raw material. Its potential industrial uses mainly includes alcohol industry, food industry and other non-food industry.

cassava industrial usesCassava

Cassava used in alcohol industry. Alcohol industry can use cassava and cassava chips as raw material. Cassava used in alcohol industry has promising future in Nigeria, for Nigeria has ample cassava raw material and has hugh demand for alcohol (Nigeria has a import requires for about 90 million litres of alcohol every year). If used cassava or process cassava into chips for making alcohol, Nigeria can reduce the import of cassava, improve the value of cassava, increase the income of farmers and meanwhile offer more jobs for Nigerians.

Cassava used in food industry. Cassava can be eaten directly by simple peel its toxic outer peels and soak in water, but for more African people, cassava is more often be processed into garri, cassava flour or cassava starch for food industry. Garri processing is simple and can be done by people processing with equipment grating. Cassava flour and cassava starch processing involves production line and more cassava processing machine. But cassava flour can be sell to bakery store with higher price than cassava. Cassava starch has more application.

cassava industrial usesCassava starch

Here are the detail industrial uses of cassava starch

Food industry Such as baked products, thickeners, etc
Bavarage industry Used as a colloid stabilizer in beverages containing solids
Textile industry Used as a sizing agent to harden and protect the yarn
Papermaking industry Improve paper quality, productivity and pulp utilization
Chemical industry Used in the production of various chemicals
Medicines used as binder, additive and disintegrating agent in tablet production

Therefore process cassava into starch is an important potential industrial uses for cassava. To process cassava into starch, cassava starch processing equipment is necessary. If you have your cassava planation, you want to increase your income by apply cassava to industry raw material, choose cassava starch processing is a good method. Henan Doing Group is expert in cassava starch processing and our equipment and technology is advanced, you are welcome to consult our engineer for more detail.

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