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Cassava processing plant cost of setting up analyze

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Investing in a cassava processing plant requires consideration of the following:

1. Product: Cassava can be processed into cassava starch, cassava flour and garri, or dried cassava slices. You need to choose the processing direction based on your own funds and circumstances.

2. Supply of cassava raw materials: The source of stable cassava raw materials is the basis for ensuring the smooth operation of cassava processing plants. It is best to prepare the vast cassava raw material planting area or the area that may be planted to grow cassava, or plan from nearby plantations. Buy cassava.

cassava processing plantCassava plant

3. Funding: It mainly includes the infrastructure construction, processing equipment, manpower, and working capital of the cassava processing plant. The amount of equipment investment is mainly affected by several factors such as cassava processing capacity, machine automation, processing technology and manufacturing materials.

4. Water source: The processing of cassava requires sufficient and clean water source, especially the large amount of water used for starch processing.

5. Power: If your factory is not in a stable and stable circuit, it is recommended to have a reasonable power generator.

6. Gas: Heating energy supply methods such as standard coal, gas, natural gas, electricity, etc., is also the guarantee for stable work of cassava processing plants.

cassava processing plant costCassava processing plant

Cassava processing plant footprint analysis:

Note: Contains the circulation pool, operation channel, equipment footprint, and console.

(The following manuals all include the work of a cyclical substitute)

Take the automated cassava starch processing plant as an example:

1. 3-4 tons of equipment area: 150-200 square, requiring 3-5 people manually

2. 5-6 tons of equipment footprint; 200-250 square, requiring 5-7 people

3. 7-8 tons of equipment covers an area of ​​250-300 square meters, requiring 7-9 people

4. 10 tons of equipment area: 300-600 square, requiring 5-10 people

In general, the equipment with large output has a large area. Under the same output, the automation of the cassava processing plant is higher, and the labor required is less.

cassava processing plantCassava processing equipment

Main equipment of cassava processing plant:

1. Cassava starch extraction:

Cassava cleaning and washing machine, cutting machine, rasper, centrifuge sieve, fine fiber sieve, hydrocyclone, peeler centrifuge, vacuum filter, flash dryer, sieving machine, packing machine.

2. Cassava flour processing:

Cassava cleaning and washing machine, cutting machine, rasper, desander, plate frame filter press, flash dryer, sieving machine, packing machine.

3. Garri production:

Cassava peeler, grater, hydraulic dewater, fryer, vibration sieve.

Doing Company guarantee supply the most suitable machines configuration for you, resonable price, perfect after service. And the price of the machine is mainly affected by the amount of cassava processing and the machine material.

cassava processingMain cassava processing products

Requirements for the setting up of a large-scale cassava processing plant (there are generally five specific requirements for selecting a factory address):

1. Choose to be close to the cassava raw material production area and the product sales market.

2. Choose convenient transportation, close to the road, for transportation.

3. Choose areas close to good water quality (soft water, no pollution, no source of disease, meet the water quality standards), water volume is good, deep well water or river water is better, drainage is convenient, no pollution around.

4. Choose a place close to the power supply, complete water and electricity facilities, and sufficient power supply.

5. Requirements for construction conditions, topography and land area of ​​the plant: The terrain, size and slope of the plant should be conducive to transportation, water supply, drainage, and adapt to the process characteristics of the processing operation.

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