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DOING cassava processing machines technology upgrading

DOING news/ Chat online/ Leave a message/ Dec 16, 2019

In 2017, Doing Company cassava processing machines technology upgrading, as a professional cassava processing machines manufacturer and supplier, our company cassava processing machines technology fully upgrading, this time, the technology upgrading mainly as the client requests for reference, cassava processing machines desigan pay more attention to the client requests, developed the starch and flour extraction effect, make our cassava processing machines more practical, higher ecnomic benefit.

cassava processing machine

Doing Company-factory

-1. Cassava cleaning more convenient and efficient. Cassava cleaning is the first step for cassava processing, this process effect directly influenced the starch and flour quality. After 2017, Doing Company fully upgraded cleaning cassava machine configuration is more comprehensive. New technology with higher efficiency, at the same time, added the stone filter system to fully protect the safety of the subsequent processing equipment and the reliability of long-term operation. In the bottom, we can add impurities collect system for you, can keep the plantform cleaning, for the cage cleaner which need to use water, the bottom can add  waste water diversion trench, in its side, we add more stable scrape to remove the gathered sediment, guarantee the continuously working for the cassava processing. You can see our technology upgrading is according to client's problems in the cassava cleaning process.

cassava processing machine

Cassava cleaning machine

-2. For cassava crushing, wheather starch or flour, this process all is the most important part. Because of cassava size is larger than potatoes, and it is usually long and irregulat in shapes, so to get a good crushing effect for cassava also more difficult. As client feedback, they used traditional hammer type or other easy design cassava crushing machine, to process starch, the extraction rate very low, to make flour, can't get a good taste. Under this circumstances, Doing Company combined the new technology home and abroad then decided to adopt the secondary crushing method, specially design for cassava: cutting machine and rasper. For starch processing, the cutting machine cut the cassava into segments, in this process, the starch don't go away, and can large improve the further process speed, after technology upgrading, our cassava processing machines can make the starch extraction rate more than 94%. For cassava flour processing, the rasper guarantee to get better effect, crushing uniform, fine comminuting fineness, make the cassava flour as food more popular, taste good.

cassava processing machine

Cassava crushing

-3. During the cassava starch concentration and purification process, Doing Company has invented the disc seperator combined with hydrocyclone. We all know, during the starch production, we must filter the protein out, this filter process also called purification process. The disc seperator and hydrocyclone function is remove the protein and fat and other soluble matter from starch slurry to get pure starch. Compared with just use hydrocyclone, disc seperator with hydrocyclone can get higher purity of starch. So our machines make sure you can get top quality cassava starch, add disc seperator also can extend the service life of the hydrocyclone machine.

cassava processing machine

DOING disc seperator

-4. For cassava starch/ flour dewater, after cassava processing machines upgrading, newest dewatering machine can fully discharge the cassava starch/ flour, the materials can't be deposited, guarantee the screen free, compared with others, also can get larger capacity. Starch dewater fast, after this process, make the starch moisture under 38%. Coefficient for the starch air drying process.

All in all, if you have other problem during the cassava cleaning process, you can tell us, and our engineer can solve the problems for you, also can as your requests to design and manufacturer the cassava processing machines. Nowadays, many cassava processing plant is developed from the manual workshop, they processed cassava products with higher sand content, not purify enough, make the taste very poor, this is a great harm for cassava products sales, so if you wang to start a cassava processing project, you'd better adopt our new cassava processing machines, make sure your cassava products be popular, can get high ecnomic benefit.

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