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Where is cassava processing machine sold and how much is the cost ?

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Many people who have been involved in the cassava processing business at the beginning have similar questions, that is, where is cassava processing machine sold and how much is the cost. Doing Company combines our own factory experience and investment for many domestic and foreign customers, answer and analyze the construction plan of the factory and cassava processing production workshop. In the beginning, you need to know that Doing Company supply all kinds of cassava processing machines include cassava starch processing machine, cassava flour production machine, garri making machine, cassava slicer, peeler, etc.

cassava production plantDOING cassava processing machines installation

When you decide to start the cassava processing business and buy the cassava processing machine, you must first define your cassava processing direction, cassava starch, cassava flour, garri, chips, modified starch, alcohol, etc. can start the processing plant with cassava as raw material. You can choose the most suitable processing direction according to your own funds and experience. It is worth mentioning that cassava starch is currently the most popular in the international market, and it can be further processed into modified starch, alcohol, syrup and the like. Cassava flour and garri have certain market restrictions, but cassava flour and garri are used as daily diets in some areas, and the market is very broad. Secondly,  choose a reliable supplier of cassava processing machine is very important. When purchasing, we must select the supplier with good factory and office environment, which is beneficial to ensure the production and transportation of the machine, as well as after-sales service, also a guarantee the high quality machines you obtained. However, many customers are most concerned about the price of the machine, when choosing a machine, the price is often the first consideration. Here, Doing Machinery  guarantee that the price of the machines we provide is absolutely reasonable, and it can also be based on your funds to adjust the machine configuration, to reduce the price of the machine as much as possible, but you have to understand that just pursuit of low prices regardless of the quality of the machine is very unfavorable for the stable operation of your cassava processing plant.

cassava starch making machineCassava starch machine loading and shipment

How much is the cassava processing machine cost and what's the factors influencing the machine price ?

In the daily sales of cassava processing machines, the first problem we encountered was often how much is the cassava processing machine cost ?

When faced with this problem, it is difficult for our sales and service personnel to give a clear answer quickly, because the amount of money a device needs to invest depends mainly on the following three factors:

[1] The amount of raw materials(cassava) processed per hour;

[2] The level of automation of the machines;

[3] Machine model selection (not only the processing volume and price).

cassava making machineLoading and delievry in Doing Companyt factory

First, the processing capacity of the cassava processing machines:

The amount of raw material (cassava) processed per hour during the operation of the machine. This is also the factor that customers need to consider first in the process of selecting a device, because it determines the model of the device you choose and the size of the investment. Take the cassava starch processing plant as an example, the processing volume is divided into:

(1) 0.5-2 tons / hour - micro starch processing plant

(2) 2 - 5 tons / hour - small starch processing plant

(3) 5 -10 tons / hour - medium starch processing plant

(4) More than 10 tons - large starch processing plant

Due to poor storage resistance of cassava raw materials, the longer the storage time, the lower the starch content, and the rot and mildew and lignification in the storage process. If the cleaning is not timely, the quality of produced cassava starch will be affected. Secondly, starch processing added value itself is not high, so if the processing volume is small, mechanized production loses its meaning. By the way, market demand of cassava starch quantity is very high.

garri making machineGarri processing machines

Second, the degree of automation of the cassava processing machines:

With the advancement of the times and the improvement of mechanization, the current processing of cassava starch has already got rid of the traditional artificial production mode. The automated cassava starch production line can guarantee the quality of the finished starch. Under high automation operation, a large cassava starch processing plant only needs 3-5 people to operate. Based on years of experience accumulated in the industry, Doing Company has summarized the modern automatic processing process of cassava starch: cassava multi-stage cleaning - cassava crushing - separation - filtration - sediment removal - refining - dehydration - drying - screening and packaging. The automatic cassava flour production process is: cassava cleaning - crushing - sand removal - dehydration - drying - screening and packaging.

Third, the selection of machine model:

The selection of machine model is also an important factor to be considered. Because the model is different, it will directly affect the amount of your investment, the model of the machines is different, the quality of produced product(starch, flour, garri) is different. Taking the crushing machine as an example, the ordinary hammer crusher machine is cheaper but the pulverizing effect is general, the starch extraction rate is low, otherwise, the new rasper has good pulverizing effect, and is more suitable for high-quality medium and large cassava processing plants, whether it is cassava starch or flour, the processing is more advantageous when using the rasper machine in the crushing process.

In general, depending on the machine configuration, the investment in cassava processing machines varies from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. You can tell us your investment budget and production plan, then our engineers will make reasonable plans for you. The program will minimizes the investment cost of the machines. Doing Company welcomes you to visit at any time.

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