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Cassava processing plant in Nigeria under installation

DOING news/ Chat online/ Leave a message/ Dec 16, 2019

From October to the end of December 2018, an engineer and two workers from Doing company went to Nigeria to install this cassava processing plant for customers. Now on December 27th, the installation of this cassava processing plant is almost finished, and it is now in the commissioning and debugging phase of the machines. On the following will show you the installation process photos:

cassava processing plantCassava processing plant machines installation

Project information: this is a cassava starch processing plant, modern type, full automatic, with cassava processing capacity 4 ton per hour, produce high quality starch, address is very close to Apapa in Nigeria, so these cassava starch processing machines supplied from Doing Company are sent to Apapa port and then delivery to this plant area.

cassava starch dryerStarch dryer installation

cassava processing factoryProject installation

Our engineers will stay there for more than two months to ensure that the machine is installed and operating normally, and will return to DOING company after the cassava processing plant trial runs without problems.

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