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Design and construction of gari frying machine

Industry news/ Chat online/ Leave a message/ Dec 16, 2019

Earlier design and construction of gari frying machine did not produce the desired and acceptable cassava gari product for the producers and consumers, the designs of these machines did not take into account the specifications of the existing local technology. Doing Company engineer found a suitable and high efficiency method for design and construction of gari frying machine by the research in the cassava planting and production countries and went to there to saw local people making gari, then design and construction of gari frying machine in our company.

DOING design and construction of gari frying machine(click to see the video) is a batch process like the village mannual technique. It has an aluminum frying pan in place of cast iron pan. A paddle is connected directly in the frying pan to an electric motor through a shaft to eliminate human hand used in stirring cassava mash in the village method, this is a fully automated mechanized production process, large capacity, finished gari with high quality, flat bottom design makes gari evenly heated.

gari frying machine

DOING gari frying machine

The aluminum frying pan is used in the design and construction of gari frying machine in DOING company, because it disperses heat faster than the stainless steel and does not buckle under high temperature. The aluminum frying pan is located inside mild steel and the distance between the frying pan and mild steel is reinforced using fiberglass to prevent the escape of heat from the frying chamber. The system has good electrical connections that sense the quantity of heat in use to the temperature gauge allows the operator to vary heat during frying and permits the machine to automatically turn off when there is excess current and load.

After frying, the discharge port is opened to allow the fried gari to leave the machine; another batch of cassava mash is introduced into the gari frying machine by the operator who monitors the entire process. These components are allcontained in a control box in the design and construction of gari frying machine.

garri production process

Gari production

The DOING design and construction of gari frying machine main objective is to get a functional and cheap batch process gari frying machine. To achieve the above objectives, the following conditions for gari frying machine must be met:

1. Adequate agitation and processing in order to achieve uniform heat circulation.

2. Ensure that the final product is cooked and dehydrated

3. Avoidance of caking of the cassava mash.

Gari is a processed fermented product from cassava and is consumed in Nigeria as well as in most countries of the West African coast and in Brazil.Nigeria is currently thelargestproducerof cassava in the world with an annual production of over 34 metrictons (Mt) of tuberous roots (FAO, 2002).Gari is a widely consumed Nigerian food; an estimated 4.2 million tons were produced in 2009 (NBS 2010).

garri production machine

After design and construction gari frying machine for our customer

Currently, quality of gari can be enhanced by adding few drops of palm oil. At the end of the frying operation, the product is still hot and a little bit damp. It is then allowed to cool and dry in a cool dry shade, until the moisture content is reduced to 12%.

A mechanical “garifier” or a mechanized system of frying and drying in the design and construction of gari frying machine, usually takes the form of an aluminum drum or trough, paddles fixed to a steel shaft and rotating on the axis of the drum, the rotating paddles sweep the gelatinizing mesh from the trough wall to prevent sticking and burning and at the same time to move the material through the chamber to the discharge port, or outlet.

garri making machine

Gari frying machine working process

The gari frying process is not a straight forward drying process, the product is first cooked with the moisture in it and then dehydrated. The sieved cassava mash is spread thinly in the pan 3-5kg per batch, the paddle helps to stir the gari constantly to prevent the food produce from getting burnt, until frying is complete, when it reaches a temperature of 80 to 85oC, the rapid heating partially gelatinize the gari, which is dried during the operation of frying; the moisture content of dewatered and sieved cassava mash is between 40 to 45% which  has to be reduced to 10-12% moisture content in a time of 15 minutes.

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