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Design and construction of cassava grating machine

Industry news/ Chat online/ Leave a message/ Dec 16, 2019

Cassava grating machine is used for grating cassava tubers into pulp and is an important machine in garri processing, mainly used in African countries. The traditional cassava grating machine is a simple perforated metal plate that peeled cassava can be grated by manual operation. However, this kind of device will result in a low cassava breakage rate and incomplete smashing. In addition, the manual operation is not only labor-intensive, time-consuming, but also causes pollution due to dust and foreign matter, affecting product quality. In order to improve garri production efficiency and product quality, a new and efficient cassava grating machine is urgently needed. To solve the problem, Doing Company design and construction of cassava grating machine based on our engineer's experience and the introduction of new technology.

design and construction of cassava grating machineTraditional cassava grating method

First of all, our cassava grating machine solves the problem low efficiency of the traditional grating machine.

Compared with the traditional grating machine, Doing company's cassava grating machine has a large processing capacity and can process 2 to 3 tons of cassava per hour, which greatly improves production efficiency and saves cassava processing time. In addition, our grating machine is highly efficient, and the cassava breaking rate can up to 92%, which can fully break the cassava and increase the yield of garri.

Secondly, our equipment is simple in structure and operation.

Through the continuous improvement and optimization of Doing Company, the cassava grating machine structure is also simplified while ensuring the performance of the machine. The entire equipment consists mainly of the feed port, motor, box, toothed shaft, filter and discharging port. The operation is simple, operators only need to pour the cassava into the feed port and the entire process of grating and discharging is carried out automatically.

design and construction of cassava grating machineCassava grating machine structure

In addition, our equipment is easy to repair and maintain.

According to the feedback from customers, most of them do not have professional engineers to repair equipment. In order to solve the problem of equipment maintenance, design and construction of cassava grating machine by DOING adopts modular design, which is easy to disassemble and install, so that the machine maintenance is more convenient and the maintenance time is also shortened.

Finally, our equipment is excellent in materials and has a long service life.

Considering that the cassava slurry is acidic and will corrode the equipment, Doing chose to use material that is not easy to degrade or corrode when selecting materials - 304 food-grade stainless steel for making cassava grating machine. Not only can it avoid pollution, but it can also increase the service life of the equipment. At the same time, our equipment transmission bearings are all superior, the motor and reducer all adopt national standards, the equipment quality is high, and the service life is long.

design and construction of cassava grating machineDOING stainless steel cassava grating machine

The above is the new stainless steel cassava grating machine designed and constructed by Doing Company. According to customer feedback, this equipment not only improved garri production efficiency and cassava breakage rate, but also making the produced garri has higher quality.

Garri processing is an important way to increase the economic value of cassava. During processing, cassava tubers are transformed from a highly perishable root-stalk crop into a convenient, easy-to-sell, and preserved product. As an important equipment in garri processing, the efficiency of the cassava grating machine directly affects the crushing effect of the raw materials and the yield of the final product. Doing Company is a company with many project experience and professional cassava deep processing equipment engineers. If you need a cassava grating machine, welcome to contact us.

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