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1tpd garri production line made by Henan Doing will operate in Liberia

DOING news/ Chat online/ Leave a message/ Nov 16, 2022

On 14th November, 2022, a Liberian customer ordered a 1 tpd garri production line from Henan Doing. It is used to produce cassava roots into granulated yellow or white garri.

gari processing machineSmall scale garri processing machine from Henan Doing

The customer contacted us through WhatsApp for the first time, expressing that he wanted to set up a local garri processing factory in Liberia, with great emphasis on machine quality and after-sales service. In order to truly show the strength of Doing company to customers, we show customers the company environment and scale through mobile video to solve customers' concerns about after-sales service. At the same time, show customers the real project feedback that Henan Doing is responsible for. Customer's willingness to cooperate with us is strengthened after further knowing of us, and then we provide customers with detailed machine details.

1 tpd garri production line processing steps:

cleaning cassava tubers-peeling cassava-grating peeled cassava-fermentating-dewatering bagged cassava pulp-crushing cassava cake-frying garri-sieving garri-packing garri

1 tpd garri processing machines include:

dry sieve-paddle washer-cassava peeler-cassava grater-cassava dewatering machine-hammer crusher-garri fryer-vibration sieve-packing machine

The feature of 1 tpd garri production line:

It has the advantages of short installation cycle, high degree of automation and high production efficiency

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