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How long will it take to build a garri processing plant project?

Industry news/ Chat online/ Leave a message/ Jan 26, 2022

The garri processing plant project is very popular with investors in West Africa because it has a broad sales market, high processing profits and is supported by national policies. But a garri processing plant is not built in a day, factors such as the plant construction cycle, equipment installation cycle, and raw material collection cycle need to be taken into account. Therefore, how long it will take to build a garri processing plant project varies from project to project.

garri processing plantGarri processing plant

The plant construction cycle includes site selection, plant planning, and land construction time. Generally speaking, it is recommended to choose an area close to the cassava plantation with convenient transportation as the plant site. If the processing capacity is relatively small, and the warehouse is owned or leased, the plant construction time almost is almost negligible. If you want to build a large plant with a complete garri production line, it may take at least 2-3 months.

garri equipment is installedGarri equipment is installed

The equipment installation cycle means the period from ordering equipment to final installation. The specific equipment installation cycle will be affected by the scale, transportation time, customs clearance time and installation time of garri processing machine. According to 10+ years experience of Henan Jinrui, the equipment installation cycle usually takes about half a year. But if our Nigerian overseas warehouse happens to have the single garri processing machine you need, you can directly pick up the goods and install them according to our guidance.

cassava to garri processing plantCassava material

The raw material collection cycle may be affected by the maturity period, access way, and the transportation period of cassava. It is generally recommended to plant cassava according to the plan or find a reliable partner to establish a long-term friendly cooperative relationship in advance. After the cassava is mature and harvested, garri processing should be carried out in time to prevent the cassava from spoiling or saccharification.

All these factors mentioned above can be done at the same time, but it is recommended to purchase garri processing machine and begin garri processing plant construction half a year or one year in advance according to the expected garri production time.

As a professional cassava processing machine manufacturer, Henan Jinrui Company has helped customers install cassava processing plant projects in more than 30 countries and regions. What we can do is to customize the best workshop layout and garri processing machine so as to help customers build their garri processing plant projects smoothly. If you also have the idea of building a garri processing plant project, please don’t hesitate to contact us for professional solutions!

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