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Malaysian customer came to DOING to test our cassava peeler machine

DOING news/ Chat online/ Leave a message/ Dec 16, 2019

In December 2019, a Malaysian customer came to Henan Doing Company for testing our cassava peeler machine.

The customer started looking for cassava peeler machines since 2 years ago. He found a lot of suppliers and manufacturers, but he was all dissatisfied after seeing the peeling effect of these machine. This year, he contacted us through our website and after seeing the photo and video of our cassava peeler machine, he decided to our company to test the actual effect of our cassava peeler machine.

Malaysian customer came to DOING to test our cassava peeler machineMalaysian customer and our sales manager in Doing Factory

Before the test, our engineer explained to him the peeling principle and design concept of our cassava peeler machine. Since he also learned a lot about the cassava peeler before, he recognized the design of our engineers.

In order to verify the actual peeling effect, he himself brought 20 kg of cassava to our factory for testing. (Related video:  DOING tested cassava peeling and washing machine for Malaysian customer )

The test result of this machine was very good, and the cassava peels ware basically removed. The customer told us that of all the equipment manufacturers he found, our peeling effect was the best. In addition, due to the special design of our cassava peeler machine, it can remove the two layers of cassava peels in a whole pieces, without causing waste. Therefore he was very satisfied with our equipment.

cassava peeler machineCassava peeler machine peeling effect

The customer told us that he bought cassava peeler is mainly for produce cassava chips, (a kind of Malaysian snack by peeling and slicing cassava into chips and frying them) and sold it to the local supermarket. He used to peel cassava by hands, but he wanted to expand his business and wanted to buy a cassava peeler to improve the efficiency. Aatually, 8 to 10 skilled workers only can peel 4 tons of cassava per day. But our cassava peeling machine can process 1-5 tons of cassava per hour which can greatly improve the efficiency and bring more profit for him.

Now this customer has returned to Malaysia, he told us that he would came to China soon and that time he would cooperate with us.

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