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DOING tapioca slicing machine sent to India customer

DOING news/ Chat online/ Leave a message/ Dec 16, 2019

At the beginning of July 2018, Doing Company tapioca slicing machine sent to India customer, the India customer ordered tapioca slicing machine is the large capacity type, to used in his cassava plantation, this tapioca slcing machine India customer bought has the function peeling and slicing, insist of two part, and this two part can be used separately, below is the packing and shipping photo from Doing factory:

tapioca slicing machineTapioca slicing machine packing and loading

tapioca chipping machineDOING tapioca slicing machine

This large capacity tapioca peeling machine has high production efficiency, integrates peeling and slicing, stable performance, simple maintenance and easy operation. Following is some technical parameters of DOING company tapioca slicing machine:

Capacity: 10 t/h

Weight: 420kg

Power: 2.5kw*2

Slice thickness: 5-20mm(adjustable)

Size: 3.5m*1.5m*0.8m

Finally, you can click cassava chips machine to see the machine working video.

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