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Busy factory - two orders of cassava processing machines are loaded and shipped at the same day

DOING news/ Chat online/ Leave a message/ Jun 01, 2020

In the middle of May, 2020, DOING HOLDINGS factory loaded and shipped 2 orders of cassava processing machines to our customer at the same day. One is to Zambia customer, another is to Jamaica customer. Following introduce this 2 orders of cassava processing machines to you one by one.

Firstly, Zambia customer's cassava flour production machines:

This is actually this customer's second order, in the end of 2019, this customer bought cassava peeling machine firstly from DOING company. After receiving, he felt satisfied and fully trust our company, then he contacted our company to buy more machines to establish his cassava flour production factory. This time he bought cassava grating machine, hydraulic press dewatering machine, flash dryer, vibration sieve and packing machines for small cassava flour processing.

After the customer in Zambia confirmed the specific requirements and equipment configuration, he paid a deposit. After receiving the deposit, our factory immediately arranged the production of this order. The small scale cassava flour processing equipment purchased by Zambian customers are inspected, loaded, and then will be sent to Zambia. The small scale cassava flour processing equipment firstly will be sent to the port of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and next arrived in Zambia through inland transportation.

Cassava flour is a popular food in Zambia which has a large market demand. The Zambian customer can produce high quality cassava flour by DOING company to get high profits.

small cassava flour processing machineSmall cassava flour processing machine are loaded

Secondly, Jamaican customer's bammy making machine:

This Jamaican customer has rich experience of food production and sale, this time he bought these cassava flour production machines are used to produce a food named "bammy". This order machines include dry sieve, paddle washer, cassava peeling machine, grating machine and hydraulic press dewatering machine, from cassava cleaning to cassava flour press dewatering all automatic working.

Before delivery, the Jamaican customer sent a Hong Kong partner to inspect the bammy making machine who is mainly to check the quality of the equipment. Everything is OK. After receiving the bammy making machine, the Jamaican customer will install these machine by himself. DOING company will provide installation drawing, online instruction and video support. This can save lots of money for Jamaican customer. Surely, we can also provide professional engineers to install cassava processing machine.

small cassava flour processing machine Cassava processing machine is packed and delivered

Now all the cassava processing machine is packed and delivered. Next is to wait for the customer to receive the cassava processing machine. Updates will follow - sostay tuned!

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