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Two types of cassava

Industry news/ Chat online/ Leave a message/ Dec 16, 2019

There are mainly two types of cassava in the market, that is sweet cassava and bitter cassava. These two types of cassava both has toxic cyanide material, but the sweet one has less toxicity due to its low cyanide content. Then let me introduce these two types of cassava in detail.


Sweet cassava has less starch content and is low in yield compared with bitter one, it is normally consumed as food. Its cyanide-containing substances are normally found near the epidermis, which can be safely eaten after peeling and normal cooking. Before sweet cassava is fried or baked, it can be boiled in water to make the starch absorb water to improve the flavor.

Bitter variety is a high-yield crop that has more starch content and has more cyanide distribution. If you want to eat bitter cassava directly, you must treat it first to remove the cyanide thoroughly to make it safe to eat. The treatment process can be peeling, grating, pressing and drying. But bitter cassava is more often be used as starch raw material due to its high starch content (the highest one can be 31% to 33% ). It goes through the process of washing, grating, fiber separation, protain separation, refining, dewatering and drying to get edible starch.

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