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Mechanical garri processing is promising in Nigeria

Industry news/ Chat online/ Leave a message/ Dec 16, 2019

Garri is a main staple food in Nigeria, which is consumed by more than 130 million people. However, the supply of garri products in Nigeria is far from enough to meet the needs, for traditional garri processing is inefficient and low yield. With garri processing industry, the appearance of mechanical garri processing in Nigeria will reverse the trend, and it will gradually replace traditional manual processing. Therefore mechanical garri processing in Nigeria is promising.

garri processing in NigeriaTraditional garri processing in Nigeria

Here are the explain of why mechanical garri processing is promising in Nigeria:

Firstly, mechanical garri processing can improve garri processing efficiency and yield. Tradition manual processing can only produce limited garri per hour due to low efficiency of labors. But with mechanical garri processing machine, you can process 1 tons of garri per hour at most. And if more and more people adopts mechanical garri processing in Nigeria, they can produce enough garri to meet consumption demand. In addition, in regards to yield, a mechanical garri processing plant can process 3 tons of cassava into 1 tons of garri, which is more efficiency then manual processing.

garri processing in NigeriaMechanical garri processing in Nigeria

Then mechanized garri processing in Nigeria is supported by Nigerian government. Though Nigeria is the largest cassava producor in the world, its industrialization is relatively low. Traditional garri processing in Nigeria is mainly in small, family-owned workshops, far from meeting consumer demand due to low efficiency and low yield. To solve the food shortage and increase the profitability of cassava deep processing, Nigerian government introduced a serious of policies to support the mechanical cassava deep processing, especially mechanical garri processing. For example, the Nigerian government encourages Nigerians to build cassava processing plants and provides loans to them at low interest rates. In this way, people can start mechanical garri processing business in Nigeria at a lower investment.

Except the above points, mechanical garri processing in Nigeria can reduce the labor intensity of producor and free people from heavy work. They only need to operate mechanical garri processing machine and do simple work, but can get high yield garri and better quality garri. And the produced garri by mechanical garri processing can be sold at a higher price, thus they can gain more profit. Therefore mechanical garri processing in Nigeria is promising and profitable. Doing Company are professional in mechanical garri processing, we can not only provide efficient equipment, but also offer technical support, equipment installation and debugging, welcome to consult us if you are interested.

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