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Types of garri in the market

Industry news/ Chat online/ Leave a message/ Dec 16, 2019

There are mainly four types of garri in the market, that is white garri, yellow garri, Ijebu garri and Ghana garri. Different garri has different features and processing method, but they are basically produced by washing, peeling, grating, fermentation, dehydrating and frying. Then let me introduce the four types garri in detail.

types of garriWhite garri and yellow garri

1. White garri: The most common garri in the market. It is consumed by most of Nigerian, just produced by the process mentioned above.

2. Yellow garri: Yellow garri is actually white garri fried with pail oil, it is favored in southern parts of Nigeria.

3. Ljebu garri: This is a garri produced with longer fermentation days. White garri and yellow garri normally ferment for 2 or 3 days, but ljebu garri requires a fermentation of 7 days. Compared with the above two garri, it has a sharper taste which is favored by people in Western Nigeria.

4. Ghana garri: Just as its name indicates, it is the garri made in Ghana area. Its processing method is slightly different from other one. Normally it soaks the peeled cassava into water, and then process it. This kind of cassava is more crispy and favored by Ghanaian.


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