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Different types of cassava dewatering machine

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The dewatering of cassava is an indispensable part for cassava processing, whether it is cassava starch processing, cassava flour processing or garri processing. The purpose of dewatering is to remove excess water from the cassava pulp, reduce the load on the drying section, save a lot of energy, and lay the necessary foundation for rapid drying. The principle of different types of cassava dewatering machine are basically the same, that is to separate the broken cassava particles from free water by gravity, mechanical force and drying method, so as to reduce the moisture content and facilitate the drying process in the next step, which is a physical water loss process.

types of cassava dewatering machineCassava dewatering

The products of cassava processing are different, and the required types of cassava dewatering machine are also different. Dewatering step of cassava starch processing happens after refining process, the starch milk obtained by refining must be dehydrated before drying, generally using a peeler centrifuge. The dewatering of cassava flour and garri processing is after grinding and before drying. Large-scale cassava flour or garri processing plants generally use plate and frame filter presses, while small cassava flour or garri processing plants generally adopt hydraulic press.

types of cassava dewatering machinePeeler centrifuge

Types of cassava dewatering machine for cassava starch is peeler centrifuge, is a continuous running, intermittent operation machine, its control mode can be automatic control or manual control.

The peeler centrifuge operation is electrically and hydraulically controlled types of cassava dewatering machine. The whole process of feeding, initial filtration, washing, fine filtration, unloading are monitored automatically, featuring with short single cycle time, large processing capacity, good dewatering effect. Can be widely used in chemical, food, light industry, pharmaceutical and other industries.

The motor and peeler centrifuge main unit are integrally installed, the compact structure makes it convenient for users to install and use, and reduces the space occupied by the types of cassava dewatering machine. The contact between peeeler centrifuge and cassava pulp is made of stainless steel, which improves the corrosion resistance and hygiene requirements of the machine.

types of cassava dewatering machinePlate frame filter press

Types of cassava dewatering machine for cassava flour processing is plate frame filter press, which is used for cassava dewatering or large garri processing plants. It is also a machine widely used in the separation of solids and liquids.

Compared with other solid-liquid separation equipment, the filter cake filtered by the filter press has a higher solid content and excellent separation effect. The principle of the types of cassava dewatering machine is to use a special filter medium to apply a certain pressure to the wet material, so that the liquid is dialysis out and acts as a dewatering separation.

The pump and input pipe parts of the plate frame filter press adopt quick-connect connection, which is convenient for disassembly and cleaning. The types of cassava dewatering machine has a large filtering area, a large flow rate, and a wide application range. The filter plate features with advanced structure, no deformation, easy cleaning, corrosion resistant and durable.

types of cassava dewatering machineHydraulic press

The last types of cassava dewatering machine for is hydraulic press, which is normally used for small cassava flour or garri processing plant.

The hydraulic press uses the hydraulic principle to extrude the moisture in the crushed cassava to achieve the purpose of dewatering. The device is simple in structure, low in price and easy to operate, energy-saving, low operating cost, easy to use and maintain, making it an ideal choice for small garri processing plants.

The above are three different types of cassava dewatering machine used for cassava processing. Doing Company is a professional manufacturer of cassava processing equipment, which can provide you with different types of cassava dewatering machine.

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