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Price of cassava peeling machine

Industry news/ Chat online/ Leave a message/ Dec 16, 2019

Cassava peeling machine is a commonly used machine in the processing of cassava, and it is a essential peeling machine for both garri processing and cassava flour processing. The main function of cassava peeling machine is to remove the gray skin of the outer layer of cassava to remove the toxicity of cassava. Because the epidermis of cassava contains toxic cyanide, it can not be eaten directly if it is not removed. For those engaged in cassava processing business, peeling machine is one of the important equipment to improve the efficiency of cassava processing, and the price of cassava peeling machine is also the main problem of their concern. So what is the price of cassava peeling machine ?

price of cassava peeling machineCassava peeling machine

The price of cassava peeling machine is not fixed, and it is mainly affected by the material of cassava peeling machine, the output of the equipment, and the performance of the equipment (mainly the peeling efficiency). First we will analyze the effect of the material on the price of cassava peeling machine. At present, the materials used by most manufacturers to produce cassava peeling machine are mainly stainless steel and carbon steel. The stainless steel material produces a cassava peeling machine of more beautiful appearance, better quality, stronger wear resistance and longer service life. However, due to the price of stainless steel is more expensive than carbon steel, and the peeling machine made of stainless steel is also more expensive. Customers can choose cassava peeling machine that suits their needs according to their own budget and requirements.

The equipment output. The output of cassava peeling machine is also the main factor affecting the price of cassava peeling machine. The higher the output, the higher the price of cassava peeling machine. Doing Company can produce cassava peeling machine with different output from 500kg/h to 4/h. And DOING engineers can recommend the appropriate size peeling machine according to the output of your production line, saving you money.

Price of cassava peeling machineDOING cassava peeling machine

Finally, the impact of equipment performance. With the development of cassava deep processing, cassava deep processing equipment and processing technology have also matured, and there are more and more cassava processing equipment manufacturers on the market. However, the equipment produced by different manufacturers has certain differences in technology and equipment performance, so the price of cassava peeling machine is not the same. Doing Company has been engaged in cassava deep processing equipment for more than ten years. Our engineers have more than 20 years experience in cassava equipment design, manufacturing and installation. DOING cassava peeling machine not only introduces international advanced technology, but also adopts German Optibelt, and has been updated and improved in many project practices. The design of the whole machine is reasonable in structure, energy and water saving, and the peeling rate is as high as 95%. Although DOING equipment uses advanced European technology, the price of cassava peeling machine is far lower than the European price, and it is a truly cost-effective equipment.

price of cassava peeling machineCassava peeling machine

Cassava is the main food crop for the African people, and cassava processing has been in Africa for many years. Early cassava processing was mainly manual processing. Peeling is not only a time-consuming and laborious task, unskilled people may also be injured, and in the peeling of artificial cassava, a large amount of cortex and fleshy parts are wasted. With the increase in cassava processing, there are more and more large-scale cassava processing plants, which makes the peeling of a large number of cassava difficult. Therefore, there is a need for a highly efficient cassava peeling machine to solve this problem. Equipment with high precision, low waste and high efficiency will make the tedious process of peeling simple, timely and cost-effective. It can also reduce the loss of cassava due to decay. Doing Company specializes in producing cassava peeling machine. If you want to know the price of cassava peeling machine, please contact our sales manager.

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