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Three types of cassava grating machine for cassava processing

Industry news/ Chat online/ Leave a message/ Dec 16, 2019

For cassava processing, cassava grating is a necessary step. But the required cassava grating machines are different for different finished product requirements. The current cassava grating machine on the market generally comprise the following types: cassava grater, cassava rasper and hammer mill.

cassava processingCassava processing

The first type of cassava grating machine is cassava grater, which is specialized in crushing high-humidity, multi-fibrous materials. It utilizes a high speed rotating blade to smash the fiber with good particle size and high efficiency. This cassava grating machine has wide application and strong versatility, but for cassava processing, it is often used in garri processing line. Its blade is made of high quality special steel, processed by a special process, which has the characteristics of high strength, good wear resistance and can be repeated use. Besides, this machine comes with an overload protection device, which is easy to disassemble and clean. In addition, the discharge net is made of tapered hole technology, which greatly improves working efficiency.

types of cassava grating machineCassava grater

Next type of cassava grating machine is the hammer mill, which adopts the impact pulverization method, which uses the relative movement of the movable hammer body and the fixed ring gear around the high speed inside to make the material collide and rub against each other through the impact of the hammer teeth. The pulverized material is subject to the centrifugal force of rotation, and is filtered through the sieve hole and then enters the collecting bag.

The hammer mill is employed to the crushing of sweet potatoes, cassava and other potatoes, and the particles leak out from the sieve. It adopts the water drop type structure, the material is smashed evenly, the energy consumption is low, and the output is high. With the unique design of the loading mechanism and the mobile inspection door, it is more convenient and quick to install the screen and repair. However, the hammer mill is an early and commonly used cassava grating machine in the starch production industry. The advantages are simple structure, convenient maintenance and safe resistance to hard materials. But it also has some disadvantages such as high noise, low grating coefficient, high rotation speed and easy gelatinization of starch (because of high speed and easy to produce an instantaneous high temperature).

types of cassava grating machineHammer mill

Then the last type of cassava grating machine is cassava rasper. The working principle of this cassava grating machine is driven by the motor through the pulley to rotate the drum at high speed. When fresh cassava enters the machine from the hopper, the saw blade in the high-speed rotating drum is used to plan the cassava. Fresh cassava becomes paste, and the cassava paste enters the material pool through the sieve hole, and is pumped into the next process.

types of cassava grating machineRasper

The rasper is currently the mainstream cassava grating machine on the market, and is usually implemented at the processing of cassava flour and starch. The machine uses ultra-high speed blade rotation speed to maximize the crushing of cassava, thereby increasing the extraction rate of cassava flour and starch.

All in all, these three types of cassava grating machine are the most common for cassava processing. If you want to buy cassava grating machine but do not know how to choose, welcome to consult DOING.

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