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White garri and yellow garri

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Yellow garri and White garri


Garri is a type of food made from cassava, manufactured and stored as a result of peeling, grounding, roasting and drying cassava. It can be used for food in this part of the country by mixture of hot boiled water (Eba) while it can also be taken as a snack with combination of water and other preferable food, beverage or snack.
Garri is commonly eaten in different parts of the world and in this part of the world, it’s mostly used as a snack for school boarders or people embarking on a journey where they hardly have access to real food. It is easy to prepare, cheap and can vary in taste if taken with a combination of other food. It is simply referred to as a hunger stopper.
There are 2 types of garri: they are basically the Yellow and the White garri.  The yellow one is most common in the Igbo part of Nigeria while the white is most common in the south west. The white one as a unique taste and they are in different forms by different clan mostly yoruba.
Yellow garri is made the same way white garri is made but with an addition of palm oil which makes it a bit more nutritious as it contains antioxidants that could help reduce the effects of any negative health issues that may arise from cyanide or any harmful substances it may contain and vitamin E.
White garri is a plain cassava that has been ground and roasted, it doesn’t contain as much fat as yellow garri. Both do contain carbohydrates since they are made from cassava but yellow garri.
It has been rumored in some ways that drinking garri causes pure vision, but now we know that there has been many generation of Nigerians who lived longer and healthier lives with good vision while they eat garri almost all the time. Both yellow and white garri remains one of the most accessible food especially in Nigeria and choice between the two are made by individual preference.


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