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Development of a yam peeling machine

Industry news/ Chat online/ Leave a message/ Dec 16, 2019

Garri processing always involves yam peeling process, which is traditional completed by manual peeling. But due to manual peeling has the problem of time consuming and inefficiency, mechanical yam peeling machine is designed, fabricated and tested to solve this problem. However, the shape of yam is irregular, which result in the peeling rate can not achieve 100%. Therefore the development of yam peeling machine is a process of improving yam peeling rate and equipment performance.

yam peelingManual yam peeling

The development of yam peeling machine has gone through a series of different types, except traditional knife peeling, there are simple knife type blade peeler, plastic and stainless steel brush roller peeler, stainless steel brush peeler and sand roller type peeler. The later two type is more popular in the market due to its high peeling rate, good peeling effect and good performance.

yam peeling machineKnife type yam peeler

The most simple roller type blade peeler use rotating blade to peel yam. This yam peeling machine has high peeling rate, but it also cause great waste for the white flesh part of yam is also peeled, thus the yield of yam processing is also reduced. Except that, it need often replace blade which is a big trouble. What's more, this machine can not meet large capacity yam processing, therefore it is gradually replaced by brush roller type yam peeling machine.

The later three machines all belong to brush roller type yam peeling machine, but the material for brush is different. They all take usage of the friction between brush and cassava as well as frictions between cassava to achieve the purpose of peeling yam. But their peeling rate equipment performance and price are different.

yam peeling machineStainless steel brush yam peeling machine

Plastic and stainless steel brush roller yam peeling machine using plastic and stainless steel for making brush, its price is relative lower. Compared with the blade type peeler, its performance is better, but its peeling rate is lower and the plastic material is easily to damage and deform due to it does not bear weight well.

The stainless steel brush yam peeling machine adopting stainless steel material which can ensure the peeled cassava will not be polluted. It also has higher peeling rate, good performance but is a little more expensive. This peeler can be equipped with water spray system to wash away impurities.

yam peeling machineSand roller peeler

The emery material is used for the sand roller yam peeling machine. Its peeling rate is a slightly higher than stainless steel brush, and its peeling effect is better. In addition, the yam peels can be peeled piece by piece which will not hurt its inner white flesh body and the peeled cassava is smoother.

Although yam peeling machine has undergone many updating and upgrading, but its peeling efficiency is still less than 100%. Doing Company has decades of experience in cassava processing equipment design and fabricate. Our yam peeling machines can reach a peeling rate more than 94%, with stainless steel and sand roller type for you to choose. For more information about yam peeling machine, you can contact our engineer.

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