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Cassava chips processing machine shipped to Nigeria

DOING news/ Chat online/ Leave a message/ Dec 16, 2019

On June 20, 2019, cassava chips processing machine ordered by Nigerian customer was shipped from Doing Group to port. The equipment ordered by the customer included 10 set of cassava chips processing machine, which includes 10 cassava chipping machine, l0 dry sieves and 10 belt conveyors.

cassava chips processing machineDOING cassava chips processing machine delivery

The customer contacted us in December, 2018 through our website. He originally had his own cassava chips processing factory, but it was artificially sliced, which was not only inefficient, low in output, but also required a lot of labors. Now he wants to export cassava chips to China and has his own sales channel. In order to expand production and increase production efficiency, he decided to buy cassava chips processing machine.

cassava chips processing machineDry sieve

In April, customers came to our factory to see our equipment. Our engineers and sales managers introduced him to the principles and advantages of our cassava chips processing machine. After seeing our equipment, the customer was very satisfied and decided to purchase 10 sets. The customer signed a contract with us on the same day and paid a deposit.

cassava chips processing machineCassava chips processing machine delivery

After 2 months of design, processing, and delivery preparation, the customer's cassava chips processing machine was shipped on June 20th. Despite the rain weather, our workers insisted on completing the shipment of the two containers. These goods will be transported from the port of Guangzhou to the port of ONNE to the customer's factory.

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