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Henan Doing Company reformed our factory to provide better equipment and service for customers

News/ Chat online/ Leave a message/ Aug 05, 2019

Since 2019 to now, Doing Group took a series of measures to carry out factory reforms, including improving the factory system, improving equipment processing technology and using computer to communicate equipment manufacturing process with sales department. The purpose of this reform is to provide customers with higher quality equipment and better service.

Doing CompanyDoing Company new look

First of all, the improvement of the factory system is mainly reflected in the reasonable arrangement of equipment manufacturing time for customers, thus can ensure all the equipment ordered by customers can be completed on time. Meanwhile, the factory has also improved the equipment procurement system, buying high-quality accessories uniformly to ensure the quality of equipment.

Then we improved our equipment processing technology. Our factory employs professional welders to ensure equipment quality. At the same time, our factory director regularly train all workers to improve their production processes and ensure that all the equipment quality of our factory reaches higher requirements.

Doing GroupDoing Company technical training

Finally, we use computer sharing office. In this way, the factory and sales department can communicate more effectively. The sales department can knows progress of equipment production, and can better communicate with customers.

Providing better equipment and service is always the purpose of Doing Company. We have also carried out factory renovation and other work to provide a better environment for customers who visit our factory.

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