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Ghanaian customers visited Doing Company for the second time to buy cassava processing machinery

DOING news/ Chat online/ Leave a message/ Dec 16, 2019

On August 1, 2019, two customers from Ghana visited Doing Company for the second time to inspect and buy cassava processing machinery. They want to buy our cassava starch processing machine.

They had visited Doing company in March this year, when they mainly went to China to learn about the cassava processing machine manufacturers. They went to different manufacturers to investigate their equipment processing strengths, cassava processing technology and equipment prices of different manufacturers. After comparison, they found that we DOING's factory strength is strong, cassava processing technology adopts advanced European technology, especially the newest cassava flour processing technology. Besides, by comparison, they thought our equipment cost performance is relatively high, so they keep in touch with us all the same. And after months preparation, they decided to our factory again to inspects equipment and buy cassava processing machinery.

buy cassava processing machineryCustomer and DOING sales manager

This time they went to our factory to see our model machine directly. This time our factory took a new look due to our factory reform, the customer was shocked by the change in our factory in such a short time. They are satisfied with our efficiency and believe we will provide better service and equipment for them. After they test the machine in person, they are satisfied with our equipment performance. They said that our cassava processing machinery had low noise but high speed and runs well. And they signed contract with us at that evening.

After receiving the deposit from the customer, our factory will start to fabricate the cassava processing machinery ordered by this customer. And we will update the delivery news later.

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