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Uses of cassava chips

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Dry cassava chips widely used for alcohol, animal feed and cassava starch industry, alcohol plants, feed mills, starch plants all have a lot of cassava chips consumption. Compared with fresh cassava, cassava chips are more easily to shippment, also can storage longer time. Dry cassava chips are a rich raw material for the production of ethanol fuel, and also a raw material for the manufacture of alcohol and citric acid, especially popular by the cassava wine producers. The cost of cassava edible alcohol is the lowest among the three major raw materials, and raw material low price has opened up a considerable profit margin for cassava edible alcohol production.

Cassava chips are used to produce ethanol: compared to corn, cassava has a higher starch content. Compared with corn ethanol, the cost per ton of cassava ethanol is 260-350 US dollars lower, and the sales price per ton of cassava ethanol is 656 US dollars/ton. Calculations, plus by-products produced during the cassava ethanol production process, minus other costs, can be profitable by $156 per ton per ton of cassava ethanol.

cassava chipping machineCassava chips

Cassava chips uses in animal feed: Cassava is a root-stalk energy feedstock that is rich in carbohydrates. Due to the higher energy of cassava, the usual method of use in compound feed is to replace the higher-priced energy feed such as corn or wheat. The average dry matter digestibility of cassava is 75%, the organic digestibility is higher than 85%, and the starch digestibility is as high as 87%-89%, which is close to the grain. And dry cassava chips have almost no mold contamination, which not only has great benefits for maintaining animal health, but also can reduce the use of antifungal agents in feed. In the cassava chips uses for feed, it can replace corn and grain in large proportion, reducing feeding costs.

On the other hand, cassava chips can also be used as raw materials for the production of cassava starch. After all, if the cassava starch production enterprise just relies only on fresh cassava as raw material production, the production period is short, the utilization rate of the cassava starch processing equipment is low, and the fixed cost of starch production is high. In addition, dry cassava chips produced starch has some special properties (such as low viscosity, transparent liquid paste, etc.), and it has its targeted users and application fields, so it should not be ignored.

cassava chips cutting machineCassava chips cutting machine

Characteristics and uses of dry cassava chips produced starch:

1. Features: low viscosity, low gelatinization temperature, short paste, clear paste, and storage resistant.

2. Uses: Widely used in industries such as food, paper products and modified starch processing.

By the way, the production of cassava starch from cassava chips should be combined with the actual situation of the enterprise and the market, select a reasonable process and equipment, and should not copy the production mode of fresh cassava starch processing to ensure the quality and economic benefits of cassava starch products.

China's Guangxi province and Southeast Asian countries (such as Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, etc.) now are rich in dry cassava chips produce, mainly used for processing cassava starch and animal feed.

cassava chips dryerDOING cassava chips dryer

How to distinguish the quality of cassava chips:

1. See if the whiteness is enough, whether there is moldy blackening, and the more white, the better the drying process.

2. See it is sheet or block, sheet-like drying is relatively uniform, water content is low, the block-like interior is easy to contain more water, resulting in storage and mildew, generally the sheet type is better, the more dry the better.

3. See if there are many impurities such as sand, mud and skin, and the less the impurities content, the better.

4. Whether it is sprayed with so-called preservatives or stabilizers, generally to prevent mold, deterioration before putting additives, good quality dry film can generally not spray, no mold.

5. See if there is any odor, there is odor indicating that it has deteriorated, or bacteria are over standard, not clean, etc.

6. Whether the starch content is high, this can be calculated by measurement, of course, the higher the starch content, the better.

The machine for making cassava chips provided by Doing Company can regulate moisture, generally 13-15% moisture content, 85-87% starch content, and the thickness of cassava chips can also be adjusted. You can click dry cassava chips processing to get more information about DOING cassava chips processing machine.

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