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How profitable is cassava processing business ?

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In recent years, more and more people have noticed the cassava processing business. Cassava has been transformed from a traditional food crop into a highly profitable cash crop. In 2018, customers from France purchased Doing Company's cassava flour processing machines. The machine is used as an investment in the cassava flour production plant in Tanzania. An Australian customer purchased the cassava starch processing machine and plans to start a cassava starch processing plant in Nigeria. That is, in addition to the main producing countries and regions of cassava, other parts of the world. The people also noticed the high profit of the cassava processing business, so they chose to invest in the cassava processing business. Then Doing Company analyzed how profitable is cassava processing business for you.

cassava starch processing plantCassava starch processing plant installed by Doing Company

Cassava crops can produce up to 15 different products when processed, and each product has a relatively large market. For example, in Brazil, cassava is processed into ethanol, which can be used to power cars. Thailand's cassava starch exports rank first in the world, widely used in industrial processing and food production, while China buys cassava particles from Nigeria for producing caramel, glucose and high quality cassava flour for the food processing industry. Cassava flour is a good substitute for wheat flour and is increasingly used in the production of various foods.

From the 35 million tons of cassava produced, we can processed 20 million tons of various products, such as 2 million tons of animal feed, 3 million tons of industrial cassava starch, and 4 million tons of ethanol. These three products are high profit,  very popular in the international market, and widely used in industrial processing. At the same time, the cassava processing industry can provide a large amount of income and wealth for the cassava production area, if fully processed and utilized, a large cassava processing plant can employ more than 280 employees, which means that if a country or region has at least 1,000 large scale cassava processing factory can create more than 280,000 jobs.

cassava processing factoryCassava processing machine loading fron Doing Factory

List of products for the cassava processing business:

1. High quality cassava flour - can be used to bake bread, cakes, etc.

2. Industrial starch - used to produce egg milk sauce, salad dressing, food additives, noodles and pasta, also used as food thickeners and stabilizers.

3.Industrial caramel - can be used as a coloring agent for beverages, used in seasoning popcorn and other foods.

4. Ethanol and Biofuels - cassava can be processed to produce ethanol and other biofuels that can be used to power automotive machinery and some industrial machines. Ethanol can also be used in the production of perfumes, spirits, drugs, pesticides and paints.

5.Garri - is a popular staple food in Nigeria, with more than 80 million people a day eat.

6. Starch syrup - cassava can also be processed into sweeteners such as glucose syrup, which is a substitute for sugar and saccharin. Large manufacturers such as beverage and food processing companies need glucose as a sweetener and additive for their products.

7. Animal feed - cassava can be processed into livestock feed for pigs, goats and poultry animals.

8. Canned juice and jam - cassava can be processed into juice, which can be mixed with other ingredients to make jam.

cassava flour processing lineHigh quality cassava flour processing line

According to estimates, the annual production of 12,000 tons of cassava starch processing project, processing annual consumption of more than 48,000 tons of fresh cassava or 24,000 tons of dried cassava chips, annual sales income of more than 4.85 million US dollars, tax revenue of less than 290,000 US dollars, can be Cassava farmers directly generated more than 2.8 million US dollars, driving more than 10,000 farmers to increase production and income. At the same time, it can provide hundreds of jobs for the society. Processing starch with cassava is a high profit project. In Thailand, for example, Thailand is a big producer and exporter of cassava starch. Let's roughly calculate the production cost of Thai cassava starch. It is learned from a cassava starch processing plant in Thailand that about 4 tons of fresh cassava can produce one ton of cassava starch, and the cost of producing one ton of cassava starch is: 50*3.8+90+30=310 USD/ton. $50 is the price of cassava raw materials, $90 is the processing fee (including taxes) and other related expenses for producing 1 ton of cassava starch, and $30 is the profit margin of the manufacturer, which roughly measures the production of one ton of cassava starch by the Thai starch factory. The cost is $310 per ton, and the current price of Thai cassava starch is $410/tonne (FOB price), and it's worth to say that traders generally buy hundreds of tons of cassava starch at one time, which shows that the profit of cassava starch processing business is very large.

cassava flour processing plantHigh quality cassava flour

In recent years, Nigeria and many other cassava producing countries have begun to promote the use of cassava flour in bakeries. It has been shown that eating cassava and bread at the same time does not affect health, and the taste and appearance of the bread does not change due to the addition of 10% cassava flour, it tastes even better and healthier. Nigeria spends about 30 million naira per year on imported wheat. The replacement of wheat flour with cassava flour can reduce the cost of making bread. Adding cassava flour to bread can create a lot of jobs for young people because the cassava processing industry can provide many jobs. However, there are few large-scale production plants for cassava flour in African countries, high quality cassava flour is in short supply, and the demand for high quality cassava flour in the international market is also rising, so the market prospect of the cassava flour processing business is very promising.

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