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How lucrative is garri business ?

Date:Apr 11, 2019/ News/ Chat online

Garri is the staple food of Nigeria and many other cassava-growing countries. Just like rice to Thailand, the garri market is dominated by the general public. In Nigeria alone, it is almost 150 million. However, many people are more concerned about the export of garri. In fact, the local market has great potential and can consume any tons of garri you produce, but since exports provide more value in terms of currency, your garri production business and sales can be adjusted according to your own needs and market conditions. Then how lucrative is garri business, below is the answer:

1 ton Garri Production Cost
Name Quantity Unit price Total
Cassava 3ton $69.33 $207.99
Electric cost 30kw $0.08 per kw $2.4
Water cost 40ton 0.08 per ton $3.2
Coal consumption 0.15ton $112 per ton $16.8
Manpower 10 $3 per people/day $30
Others $10
Total $270.4
Sale price $553 / 1 ton
Net profit $283 / 1ton

Note: above data just for reference, the cost is subject to local conditions.

One ton of garri can packaging into 20 bags, one package wholesale price is $27.67-$30.43, the market price is $35.97-$38.73, assuming a wholesale price of $553, get the net profit is $293 per ton garri. So you can see garri production business is lucrative, Invest little, easy to get profit.

Usually garri is white after production, you also can futher process white garri into egba garri,yellow garri,koko garri, etc., to get higher profit. Garri packed as 500kg per bag, and at least you can sale 40 bags(2 ton) in one week, that's to say, just one week, the profit you get at leaset are $586 (N211,802.5).

garri production machine

Garri production from cassava

When you plan to start the garri production, how lucrative is garri business has been the first question you concerned, in there, Doing Company will offer a brief analyze. And there is no doubt the garri business is good lucrative, for cassava processsing, garri production is smaller investment than starch and cassava flour production, market demand large, sale fast.

However, many people can't earn this monry from garri business because they even can't produce more than 5 bag in one week. That's because: 1. adopt old method to produce garri 2. cost too much energy 3. use old machine or slower machines 4. Less labour. And adopt these way, cost more than 4 ton cassava just can get 1 ton garri, a great waste of cassava.

garri production business

DOING garri production machines and garri production process

It's worth to say that Doing Company garri production machines produce 1 ton garri just cost 3 ton cassava. Save energy and labour, heating evenly, finished garri taste good, high quality. More questions of how lucrative is garri business, please contact us. By the way, in fact, about the question how lucrative is garri business, as a garri producer and consumer, you must know more information, and we will be your good partner to manufacturer the garri production machines for you. Finally, you can click garri processing machine to get more information about our machines.

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