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What are the advantages of automatic starch production line ?

Date:May 13, 2019/ News/ Chat online

The working principle of starch production line is to use physical, chemical or enzymatic treatment to introduce new functional groups on the starch molecules or to change the size of the starch molecules and the properties of the starch granules, thereby changing the natural characteristics of the starch to make it more suitable for certain applications. Cassava starch processing has two traditional methods of traditional semi-mechanized semi-manual processing and modern fully automatic starch production line. In order to adapt to the requirements of various industrial applications, ensuring the starch produced is suitable for use in the fields of textile, papermaking or food, and the technology of cassava starch processing equipment is continuously improved. So what are the advantages of a fully automatic starch production line compared to traditional starch production?

automatic starch production line Starch processing

The first advantage: customization

Cost-effective starch production line can be tailored to the raw material characteristics of each product, allowing each ingredient to produce a more popular starch on the market based on their respective characteristics and advantages. DOING engineers design the equipment according to the difference in the size and shape of cassava and potatoes, as well as the physical properties, to better process the starch. For example, the cleaning equipment and dewatering device used in the cassava starch production line and the potato production line are different. Because cassava is irregular in shape and larger than potatoes, a paddle washing machine can be used to reduce cassava breakage. The characteristics of the potato determine that it is more suitable for the cage washing machine, and the washing effect is better. Due to cassava starch granules are smaller than the potato starch, peeler centrifuge is used for cassava slurry dewatering to achieve better dewatering effect. While potato starch is preferred dewatered by a vacuum dewatering machine, and the dewatering effect is good, and the filter cloth is not blocked.

starch production lineDifferent machine for cassava starch and potato starch processing

The second advantage: automation

Modern starch production line generally start from the raw material transportation stage to the starch processing and finished product packaging, the entire process can be automated, and each link can be fully automated by the CNC computer in the intelligent control system. Mechanized starch production line makes the production of starch more efficient, and the sealed processing ensures that the quality of the cassava starch is not contaminated, thereby increasing the economic efficiency of the entire starch production line.

The third advantage: modular design

Of course, modern starch equipment is generally modular in design, so that different starch production line can freely add and remove equipment according to actual conditions or changes in raw materials. For example, potato starch production can only effectively remove the fiber impurities in the starch slurry by using a centrifugal sieve, while the cassava starch needs to be added with a centrifuge sieve and a fine fiber sieve. Therefore, when the factory needs to be dismantled or replaced with different equipment, the advantages of modular design can not only realize the liberalization of the equipment, but also make the overall disassembly and assembly faster and more convenient. And to a certain extent, the later maintenance will be more convenient.

starch production lineEquipment modular design

The fourth advantage: improving efficiency

The starch production line relies on a complete set of cassava starch processing equipment, which will make the starch production process more orderly, and the unique process of different equipment manufacturers will make the quality of the produced starch reach the international advanced level. DOING's cassava grinding machine and hydrocyclone system introduce advanced European technology to ensure that starch quality reaches a high standard.

These are the main advantages of the starch production line. With the rapid development of the market economy, especially when the price of starch sugar rises and the demand for starch in the market increases substantially, the advanced starch production line must be guaranteed by advanced technology and mechanical equipment to produce high quality, low cost  and high value-added products. Relying on professional engineering, exquisite processing technology and advanced starch production lines, Doing Company can provide you with professional starch production line engineering.

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