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New model effective cassava peeler ship to Nigeria

DOING news/ Chat online/ Leave a message/ Dec 16, 2019

This week our company shipment one set new model design effective cassava peeler to Nigeria for our customer . Our cassava peeler is designed and manufactured with stainless steel material brush model . 

Our cassava peeler can peel the peel of casava totally (outter yellow peel and inner peel)  ,compare with other factory rotating cage type cassava peeler only can peel the outter yellow peel of cassava .

For making good quality cassava product  , such as cassava flour , garri , fufu and ect , it will required to peel the cassava totally .

cassava peeler

Cassava peeler packed in the carton for shipment

After the customer compare with several type cassava peeler ,at last he make the decision to buy the cassava peeler from our company to increase his casava processing business. After we get the payment from the customer ,  our company spent about 20 days for making the machine .  When will finish it , we arrange ship the cassava peeler to our Nigeria customer .

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