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Gari processing machines shipping to Nigeria

Date:Dec 16, 2016/ News/ Chat online

Our company supply gari processing machines, our cassava processing machines have been exported to African market.

In the end of Nov, we shipped a completed set of gari processing machines, which including  the cassava grater, cassava pulp hydraulic presser,sifter and  gari frying machine.

garri processing machine

Garri processing chart flow and main garri processing machine

With the four gari processing machines, that will be enough to make gari.

1. The cassava grater:

Grate the cassava tubers into required sizes, With the function of collecting starch milk, ensure no waste during gari processing

2. Hydraulic presser:

Full stainless steel structure

With function of collecting the starch machine, ensure no waste during gari processing

The cassava cake after presser with 30% moisture

3. Gari Frying machine:

Automatic  fryer

Full 304 stainless steel structure

Electronic heating or gas heating

Gas heating with burner

Now,if you are interested in our gari production machine,and want to get more info ,pls contact us,our engineer will give you much help.

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