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Gari processing in ghana mechanized production

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In Ghana, gari is judged by its taste and grain size. The sweeter types with finer grains are more valued over sourer, large grain varieties. For anpther, commercial food vendors prefer coarser gari with high starch content, as this yields more quantity when soaked in water.

Gari comes in various consistencies, which can roughly be categorized into rough, medium and smooth. Each type is used for a particular food. In West Africa, there are two types, white and yellow gari. Yellow gari is prepared by frying with the addition of palm oil to give it a yellow colour; white gari is fried without palm oil. DOING gari processing machines can guarantee the producer get different types gari processing in Ghana, you can get differetn types gari by our machine as your requests.

cassava grater

Cassava grating

In there, brief introduction of DOING gari processing factory machines: include cassava cleaning and washing machine, cassava peeling machine, cassava grater, automatic hydraulic press, gari fryer, help you to improve your gari processing capacity, guarantee the produced garri high quality.

Gari as one of the staple food in Ghana, there is no doubt its sale market is large, gari processing in Ghana mechanized production is a good choice to start your business. Eba is a stiff dough made by soaking gari in hot water and kneading it with a wooden baton until it becomes a smooth doughy staple, that is served as part of a meal with various soups and sauces. Some of these include okra soup, egusi soup, vegetable soup, afang soup, banga soup and bitter leaf soup among others.

garri fryer in Nigeria

DOING garri fryer

Gari is one of the main daily food in Ghana, family can make gari by hand operation to get enough quantity can be offer the whole family. But if you want to start a business of gari processing in ghana, you must need to buy the professional machines to get large capacity and high quality gari.

Mechanized gari processing in Ghana has very important meaning. The annual production of cassava in Ghana is about 17 million metric tons, which is enough to meet the domestic food demand. However, the shortage of cassava in the Ghana market is not caused by the reduction of cassava production, but mainly caused by weak infrastructure and poor food transportation. In fact, the annual demand for cassava in Ghana is only 10 million metric tons. The domestic production capacity is sufficient. Therefore, it is very important to speed up the mechanization development process. At the same time, it calls on the domestic private sector to increase investment in agriculture and improve agricultural warehousing and logistics.

Ghana has a huge gari market opportunity, but the current local infrastructure construction is weak, the level of industrial development is very low, manufacturing technology is generally backward, and most of the goods need to be imported, so why not to start a mechanized gari processing in Ghana, it will be get a huge profit, compared with other cassava processing method(cassava starch, flour), its investment is lower, fast revenue.

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