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Garri production business plan

Industry news/ Chat online/ Leave a message/ Dec 16, 2019

As you know, the garri production business is a good project, because garri is one of the main daily foods, its market is huge, and garri production business plan investment is relatively low, but profitable. On the one hand, the shelf life of cassava after harvest is only 2 to 3 days. After harvest, it must be consumed or processed into a more stable product form. Cassava farmers are often unable to handle the cassava roots of harvest so have to sell their crops at a very low price to intermediaries they are willing and able to reach. This is very conducive to the development of the garri production business plan implementation.

On the other hand, garri is a milky white granulated flour with a slightly fermented taste and a slightly sour taste made from fermented, gelatinized fresh cassava tubers. Garri provides meals to approximately 150 million people worldwide every day. This is a popular West African daily cuisine. It is most widely used to make Eba. Eba is made by sprinkling garri into a bowl or a bowl of boiling water and stirring until a garri dough is formed. You can add more water to the dough and stir to the texture you want. The finished product is called eba. Eba is served with vegetable soup and fish or meat. Combined, this constitutes a very balanced diet. Recently, as other products (cassava starch, flour, cassava chips) can be obtained from cassava tubers, the production of garri has decreased, which has led to a shift in supply and demand to favor producers, this also an important factor for garri production business plan proceed.

garri production business planGarri production process by DOING garri production machine

Regarding the garri production business plan for industry production, the investment scale is not large, because cassava is cheap as raw materials, processing technology also not complicated, and DOING company can manufacture all the machines used for your garri production business plan at reasonable price. In general, the garri production business can recover all costs within half a year, and because cassava can be planted and harvested throughout the year, it also ensures the continuous work of the garri processing plant, which continues to bring profit, this means the garri production business plan really a good project which suitable to investment.

People in many African countries want to start a garri production business plan. But they usually use traditional methods to deal with garri. For example, they peeled cassava by hand. In the dehydration step, they just use a wooden board to dehydrate the cassava paste and then roast the garri with fire. However, if mechanized production methods are adopted, the output and quality of garri production will increase on a large scale. Our company's garri production machines can ensure that the finished garri products are delicious and evenly granulated.

There are three main factors to consider when developing a garri production business plan for processing: market analysis, investment and income, garri production technology and machinery. Of course, in addition to these, you also need to pay attention to the factory construction, site selection, personnel employment training, sales and delivery, production scale, capital collection, etc. These factors are determined according to your own production capacity plan, we can help train your factory operators, provide advanced, efficient and reasonable priced machines for your garri production business plan. We also can refer our other customers garri production factory to help you to make your garri production business plan.

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