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Establish the cassava processing plant, include casssava starch processing plant, cassava flour plant and garri processing plant



Hydrocyclone machine for starch processing

The hydrocyclone machine is one important machine during the cassava / potato starch processing line.The hydrocyclone widely used for starch extraction line.The complete set of hydrocyclones has a variety of functions such as concentration, recovery, washing and fine residue separation.

Description of hydrocyclone separator for starch processing

For each hydrocyclone separator unit, it is comprised by starch pump and cyclone assembly. Series this kind of units combine into multi-cyclone stations, together to complete the refining work like concentrating, recycling and washing etc.
1.The washing system is mainly used for extraction of refined starch milk, removing of contained soluble and insoluble proteins and the possible small fiber.
2.The refining system is mainly used for concentration of starch milk, and then we can get the pure starch slurry.

hydrocyclone machine for starch processing

Hydrocyclone machine for starch processing

The main feactures of hydrocyclone machine for starch processing

1.Advanced surface treatment craft to prevent oil and dirty.

2.Hydrocyclone pipe strengthened nylon material.Sound rigidity and durability.

3.Sealing design.fully stainless steel to ensure no corrosion.

4.Hydrocyclon pipe trend,computer optimization design.

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