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Fine milling machine is widely used in feed, pharmaceutical, chemical, food, non-metallic mineral industries, is suitable for crushing dry and brittle materials. This machine has advantage of simple structure, strong, stable operation, crushing materials rapid and uniform with good effect. This machine adopts the high quality stainless steel materials, the interior of the machine is precision machined, so as to achieve a smooth surface, easy to clean. The fine milling machine is different from traditional mill which is with rough inner wall, easy to accumulate powder and difficult to clean up. The machine can make the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other production more in line with national standards, reached GMP hygiene requirements.

fine milling machineFine milling machine

This fine milling machine is mainly composed of a feed hopper, the body, a rotor disk, mesh screens, a stator disc and the discharge hole. The rotor disk is arranged on the main shaft and is provided with steel teeth and hammer. The crushing chamber cover is provided with fixed steel teeth, steel teeth and hammer slice on the rotor disc are mutually staggered with the fixed steel gear.

When garri processing, After garri frying machine, we can get garri in different sizes,mainly coarse powder, to get very fine garri flour, we need this fine milling machine to mill the coarse garri into fine flour.

The fine mill is equipped with mesh screens, the screen can be changed in accordance with customer requirements.

fine milling machineFine mill in DOING factory

There are different model for fine milling machine below is the Main technical parameter:

Model FS-160 FS-230 FS-320 FS-370 FS-450 FS-600
Size(mm) 1123×500 ×962 1236×500 ×1067 1324×500 ×1118 1542×743 ×1176 1542×743 ×1226 1500×957 ×1275
Main Spindle Speed(r/m) 7200 5700 4500 3900 3200 2800
Disk diameter(mm) 160 230 320 370 450 600
Power(KW) 1.5~2.2 3~4 5.5~7.5 7.5~11 11~15 18.5~22
Weight(Kg) 75 300 400 500 120-200 700
Capacity(Kg/h) 10-120 30-200 50-300 70-300 100~300 500~1500
Input size(mm) 12 12 12 12 12 12
 output size(mesh) 10-120 10-120 10-120 10-120 10-120 10-120
Bearing 6205 6207 6207 6309 6309 6312

fine milling machineFine milling machine

Characteristics of Garri fine milling machine:

1.Simple structure, the crushing cavity is easy to install and disassemble, easy to clean.

2. Smoothly running, low noise, small vibration.

3. Simple operation, can control the particle size by replacing the screen.

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