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Preparation of cassava starch solution

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With the support of African governments, more and more people are investing in cassava starch processing recently by the price advantage of raw material. Nigeria's preferential policies are also have: high quality cassava starch makers will enjoy 12% tax incentives from 2012, and all machines and equipment used for preparation of cassava starch solution will be duty-free. In order to ensure the supply of cassava starch, the government is currently working with the private sector and plans to build 12 high quality plant of Preparation of cassava starch solution in 2012 with a planned daily capacity of 240 tons per day.

Preparation of cassava starch solution

Doing Company cassava starch preparation machine

The preparation of cassava starch solution include seven sections, then the detailed information will be stated below.

Section one: Cleaning and washing

Dry sieve can effectively remove dirt, sand and small stones, it has the ability to avoid sewage disposal. According to multiple spiral operation, paddle washing machine can remove silts and impurities from the surface of cassava. This section can be performed manually. The first action of preparation of cassava starch solution is to clean the outer peel, at the same time the  very superficial peel of cassava will be simply handled.

Section two: Crushing

Rasper is the filing and fragmentation machine and to improve the crushing rate and extraction rate. It has the features of modern design, compact structure, high speed, high rasping coefficient.

Preparation of cassava starch solution

Main machines used for cassava starch extraction

Section three: Screening

Centrifuge sieve is mainly used to separate the fiber and starch slurry. It is widely used in the extraction of cassava tubers starch. The sieve basket is made of titanium plate, with laser punching processing. There are some advantages of the machine: low power consumption, stable operation and high starch extraction rate. Fine fiber sieve will be used in the section to get rid of fine fiber in crude starch. This is the third section of the preparation of cassava starch solution.

Section four: Concentrating

First, hydro cyclone station will remove fiber, protein and cell to further process starch milk. The hydro cyclone pipe made of strengthened nylon.

Second, vacuum filter is a solid-liquid separation machine which is formed by vacuum pressure and vacuum filtration. It is the negative pressure formed at the outlet of filtrate as a driving force for filtration. The basic principle of vacuum dehydrator for starch making is that under the action of vacuum negative degree, the liquid in suspension is withdrawn through filter cloth, while solid particles are withheld. The guideline is one of the main step of preparation of cassava starch solution.

Preparation of cassava starch solution

Hydrocyclone station

Section five: Drying

Flash dryer is usually in cassava starch drying, the machine is able to reduce the loss of starch depends on negative pressure system and guarantee the high standards of final project.

Section six: Sieving

The function of starch sieve is classification the starch in accordance with the different mesh. The demand for starch in the international market is increasing and consumption is increasing.

Preparation of cassava starch solution

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Section seven: Packing

Automatic packing system can save manpower and improve efficiency. It is able to meet difference needs of customers.

The preparation of cassava starch solution is a physical separation process, it is the starch in the and cellulose, protein, inorganic matter and other substances separated. The starch is dissoluble in cold water and the specific gravity is larger than water. Water and special mechanical equipment are used to separate starch from the suspension of water to achieve the purpose of recovering starch.

The preparation of cassava starch solution of our company  has the advantages of low energy consumption, high starch extraction rate and good starch quality, which improves the production efficiency of the production line and the extraction rate of starch.

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