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Isolation of starch from cassava

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Cassava starch is the isolation of starch from cassava. The cells of the root tubers of the cassava plant contain starch grains. To extract the starch, the cassava are crushed; the starch grains are released from the destroyed cells. The starch is then washed out and dried to get starch powder. The brief description of how to make cassava starch powder, its operation process including the section of cassava cleaning, washing, grinding, separating, desanding,dewatering and starch drying.The process during isolation of starch from cassava includes the cassava from cleaning to get cassava starch products. Following is the introduction of the process during cassava starch production line:

cassava starch processing line
Cassava starch processing line

1.Cleaning and washing
Dry sieve is effective in removing dirt, sand, small stones, weeds and other impurtities on the surface of cassava. In the process of the isolation of starch from cassava, the rotary washing machine adopted for further cassava washing, mainly used in the cleaning process of cassava material, especially in the full set productoin line for cassava washing, which has the advantages of long effective cleaning distance, good separation effect of impurities, low power configuration, the space occupied by the machine is small.

Cassava rasper is used for crushing cassava in process of the isolation of starch from cassava.Now Doing Company newest rasper equipped with advanced technology, the crushing performance decided the starch extraction rate, our rasper can make the starch extraction rate to be more than 94%. Made the cassava starch production line highests ecnomic benefit.

cassava starch making machine
Cassava starch grinding machine

After crushing by rasper, we can get a cassava starch slurry, at this time, it still contain many impurities, so this section function is slurry-residue separation in the process for isolation of starch from cassava. To get a good seperating effect, Doing Comppany suggest you adopt the two seperating process, adopt the centrifugal sieve combined with fine fiber sieve. Centrifugal sieve used to seperate the fiber and starch slurry, fine fiber sieve for seperatingsmall fiber from starch slurry. Both the machines are in a low power consumption, stable operation, high starch extraction rate.

After the seperating process, the starch slurry still need to concentrating and refining to get the starch milk, this process of isolation of starch from cassava use the hydrocyclone to remove protein and cell sap out of starch milk to concentrate and delicate scrubbing starch milk. The pipe of DOING hydrocyclone station is made from material of strengthened nylon whose internal structure is designed according to computer, compact and elegant. This process also can complete by the disc seperator, as your requests we will suggest you the most suitable one.

cassava starch processing equipment
Cassava starch refining machine

5.Dewatering and drying:
Dehydration section follows the refining section. Compared with other starch, it is more suitable for cassava starch to dewater by vacuum filter. Moisture content of dewatered starch is 38~40%. Wet starch is sent to drying system. Henan Doing vacuum filter absorbs the domestic and foreign advanced technology, stable, compact structure, low energy consumption, cover small area, work performance is good, high dewatering rate, it's the idea choice for large and medium-sized starch production enterprise for isolation of starch from cassava. While air dryer is finally step for starch drying. Starch drying adopts  air-drying system. We add some automatic controlling equipment to the system to control the volume of hot intaking gas and feeding through measuring the temperature of exhausting gas. Thus the stable temperature and moderate feeding volume can be assured to guarantee starch quality.

Cassava starch is produced by wet-milling of fresh cassava roots in cassava starch production line.Our company is professional in the process of isolation of starch from cassava.


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