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Can cassava flour replace wheat flour for breadmaking

Date:Oct 19, 2018/ News/ Chat online

Can cassava flour replace wheat flour for breadmaking? Is the bread made from cassava flour delicious? Can cassava flour completely replace wheat flour? How about the bread made from tapioca flour?

The use of cassava flour replace wheat flour for breadmaking has received increasing attention in cassava planting countries, espeacially Nigeria. Governments, businessmen, investors, cassava growers, etc., in order to reduce wheat imports, the Nigerian federal government promotes the development of cassava flour replace wheat flour for breadmaking, and wheat flour substitution has became an important thing, especially the rising price of wheat in the international market, merchants and investors see business opportunities from the development of cassava flour replace wheat flour in food production, while cassava growers will not be afraid to plant cassava because cassava is sold better and easier.

industrial cassava flour productionBreadmaking from cassava flour

High quality cassava flour is a simple unfermented flour, use cassava flour replace 10% wheat flour for breadmaking has been shown to be sweeter and healthier. Can cassava flour replace wheat flour? it is feasible to use cassava flour replace wheat flour for bread making, but the characteristics of cassava flour and wheat flour are different, there is no complete replacement, and the use is also targeted, by the way, the round made with cassava flour is very popular in recent years.

As early as 2005, in order to promote cassava consumption, the Nigerian federal government introduced a policy that bread ingredients must include 10% cassava flour. According to Nigerian media reports, in order to encourage the production and consumption of cassava, Nigeria raised taxes on imported wheat in 2012. At the same time, importing cassava flour is prohibited, and all bread producers are required to replace 40% of wheat flour with high-quality cassava flour since March 2012, while providing tax incentives for high-quality cassava flour bread producers to encourage and promote the production and consumption of cassava flour, but can cassava flour replace wheat flour for bread making? The answer is that it can be partially replaced. completely replace is unrealistic. However, the increasing use of cassava flour in food production has confirmed its partial replacement effect on wheat flour, the production and consumption of cassava flour also gradually develop.

cassava flour making machine in ChinaDOING cassava flour making machine

As a result, the demand for cassava flour in the bakery has increased significantly, and the industrial production of cassava flour has received a lot of attention. On the other hand, advanced industrial production can obtain higher quality cassava flour, which has a better taste and is more suitable for bread making. Due to the use of advanced technology and professional cassava flour making machines, the production of cassava flour can be greatly improved. Nigeria wastes a lot of money to import wheat, and adding cassava flour to bread can greatly reduce the cost of raw materials for bread making, while also reducing the price of bread and reducing dependence on imported wheat.

Nigeria and many other cassava producing countries have begun to promote the use of cassava flour in bakery. It has been shown that eating cassava and bread at the same time does not affect health, and the taste and appearance of the bread does not change due to the addition of 10% cassava flour. The addition of cassava flour to the bread can create a lot of jobs for young people, because the processing of cassava flour can provide many jobs. It's worth to say there are only a handful of large-scale cassava flour producers in Africa, the future development of cassava flour production can be imagined. Therefore, the market prospect of the cassava flour industry production process is very promising.

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