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The two different ways to make cassava flour

Date:Apr 01, 2016/ News/ Chat online

cassava flour making process

cassava flour making process

Druing the cassava flour process line, there are two different ways to make cassava flour,we mainly introduce them.

1. Traditional wet method to make cassava flour

(1)Cleaning the cassavas

(2)Cassava peeling





2.New dry method to make cassava flour

(1)To produce cassava flour, firstly wash the fresh roots then peel them.

(2)Washing the peeled roots.

(3)Pelleting: The roots are then chopped into small pieces about 5 x 0.5 x 0.2 cm

(4)Drying: and sun-dried for two or three days (or dried in a hot air oven at 55℃).  After drying, the moisture content of the cassava chips should be less than 8%.

(5Milling: The chips are then milled, and the flour sieved through an 80 mesh sieve. 

Finally, the flour is packaged in plastic bags.  Packaged in this way, the flour can be stored for at least eight months.  The yield recovery of flour is about 20-40%, depending on the cultivar, the time of harvest, and the equipment used.

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